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This is a totally biased, unreasonable rant. Grant this girl a punching bag here, for she has no other outlet.

Is this girl being oversensitive when she gets annoyed and hurt when her friend, who made casual plans with her, did not even bother to inform her the next day that he changed his mind? Is this girl being oversensitive when she gets pissed off when she received a text message from her saying a curt no when asked if she is coming?

And how this girl laughed inside when you said our classmate’s story was quote unquote “generic”, when yours was even worse! The plot was a fucking mess, the characters so pointless and one-dimensional, the book layout pompous as shit.

At least hers had better grammar than yours, and she knows not to used bloody bombastic words when she doesn’t know what it bloody means.

This girl is obviously very hurt by you, to have written so meanly like this of a friend who has been kind and generous and helpful at times. But this girl also cannot take it when you treat her like a bloody backup friend when you squabble with your best friend. It’s like when you’re both friends again, nothing else matters to you but her problems.

This is not the first time it has happened, so don’t think this girl is being unreasonable and petty and childish.

Okay, maybe she is, but that does not make her blameless for treating this girl this way.

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