blogging gobbledygook and such

Boo hoo hoo!

If only found this a week ago.


What is it?
It’s National Blog Posting Month!

Why the hell would I want to do that?
You started a blog to make yourself write more often?

NaBloPoMo is an alternative to November’s > NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, the program wherein you crank out a novel in thirty days.

Some of us lack the imagination, stamina, and self-destructive impulses required to write a novel that quickly, but, by Grabthar’s Hammer, we can update our blogs every day for a month!

Post every day for the month of November. That’s it. No cheating and backdating posts, either. You’re on your honor.

And there were so many fantastic prizes if had entered it – like Borders gift cards, t-shirts, six months free hosting!!!


Am so upset.

Doesn’t help at all that the buttons are so bloody nice too.


Comments on: "Why are you bawling like a baby?" (1)

  1. I say go for it. Just pretend like it started on the 7th. And then announce how beautifully you’ve done and, who knows, maybe somebody will send you a prize. xo, BL

    sulz: haha, cheeky bl! sadly, the only way one is eligible for the prizes is if you signed up for it at their website (proof of participation is that they provide your link there) and if you have a post each day for the month of november.

    never mind, there’s always next year! besides, should really concentrate on exams now! don’t know what am doing blogging like the exams are over!

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