blogging gobbledygook and such

Instead of studying for the cursed Stylistics exam, am spacing out and came up with this doodle.

blogging gobbledygook
in her wordpress nook
some effort and sanity it took
this blog, just read and look

(like it? make a mark in your book
and watch in time as she cooks
more catchy rhymes and hooks
this kook with her lame jooks.)

John Keats she is most definitely not!

Comments on: "Think she’s got the makings of a poet?" (2)

  1. Spontaneous poetry rocks! It is one of my favorite art forms.

    I am not sure what a Stylistics exam is but it doesn’t sound as exciting as writing poems about whatever comes to mind.

    sulz: of course it rocks, seeing as you are actually good at it, unlike self! stylistics: a linguistic approach to literary analysis of literature. sucks so hard, am failing the paper for certain!

  2. Thank you, but to be honest, one of the main reasons that I like spontaneous poetry is that if what I do write does happen to suck; I can always say “Hey, it’s spontaneous. What can you expect?!?!”

    I think I also like the spontaneous part because I just let things flow. That is, before the editor/self-critic throws his 2 cents into the ring. One of my biggest writers blocks is that I can’t always let ideas just let themselves onto the paper. If I think too long about the content, my ever-changing mind thinks of 4 ways to word it better….until I lose my train of thought of what I wanted to say in the first place. If I just write what comes to my mind, I am more likely to capture the exact feeling of what I want to say in the first place.

    sulz: yes, don’t we all hate that editor in us? you can’t believe the number of posts that didn’t appear here because was being in full editor mood those moments.

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