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What are your holiday plans?

Semester Break Plan

1. Operation Spring-clean Room – includes Waste Removal of College Notes and Literature

2. Expedition Retail Rehabilitation – to update and refresh style and wardrobe

3.Project Work Your Arse Off & Earn Big Bucks in the Process – by telemarketing (don’t snigger!)

4. Task Force to Ensure Only the Best Possible Subjects are Picked for an Excellent Next Semester – no more taking classes of subjects you are not interested in learning for the sake of fulfilling the credit requirement

Comments on: "What are your holiday plans?" (2)

  1. Enjoy your break!!! Hope you’re successful in spring cleaning your room…I know for a fact that no matter how many times I spring clean my room, it’ll still never ever look clean or neat enough!

    Then again, I’m talking about a guy’s room…so maybe you girls would have easy :p

    sulz: finished already! no exam today, and tomorrow’s one is an easy one, so just did everything this morning in two hours! it’s easy because the room’s tiny. approx. 10 feet by 10 feet. haven’t started on the college notes though. after this.

  2. Remembering my college days, my dorm room was cleaned only in cases of extreme emergencies…..Parents’ weekend and before dates. Parents’ weekend only came once a year, so that pretty much left it up to my dating schedule.

    Of course, before I asked a girl out, I had to ask the all-important question…..Is this girl worth cleaning my room for?

    If all else fails, get a messy roommate to blame!


    sulz: the reason it was number one on the list because had the nastiest bed bug bites yesterday. -_-

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