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1. Stole money from Dee because didn’t dare to ask him for it, even though he never says no.

2. Threw rotten eggs at houses of some people didn’t like. Can’t remember if self or a friend threw it, but there you go.

3. Bullied a boy until he cried because thought he was weak. Maybe he was brought up not to hit girls back.

4. Snatched a customer from a colleague while working part-time at a boutique. Our job is commission-based aside from basic pay.

5. The latest, of course, was the one about making a classmate missed a compulsory exam, failing which she would have to retake the class next year, thus graduating a year later.

What’s yours?

Comments on: "What are the things you are not proud of having done?" (3)

  1. Spread evil rumours about this girl I didn’t like when I was in secondary school.
    And that’s just one of the things I’m not proud of. 😛

    sulz: ooo… bit-chay! 😛

  2. 1. Used a knife to puncture the tyres of my neighbour’s car because she was making a racket late into the night.

    2. Tied a cat to a tree and threw firecrackers at it when I was a wee boy… looking back, I wonder with horror why I ever did it.

    3. During a school camp, me and a group of boys knocked down the door of a shower cubicle while a friend of ours was showering inside…and we laughed at his still hairless thingy even though he was already 14…

    4. Stolen money too, but from my parents when I was young to buy books, comics and toys because they are strict with money and I resented the fact that my friends have the coolest comics and toy while I didn’t.

    5. Got into a lot of fights in school in attempt to fit in with the rough crowd in school because of fear of being bullied.

    These are just a few things that really haunt me till today…except the first, of which I have no regrets doing but I won’t say I was proud. No.3 was the most hurtful one to me, because that boy ended being the one who still stood by me during one of my darkest period in life.

    sulz: am having a similar problem like no. 1 now actually, three neighbouring houses are occupied by chinese (from china) students and obviously it’s like a hostel around here lately. dee actually wanted to have a word with them but advised him not to for fear they would do like you did!

    isn’t it strange that the people you don’t think much of are the ones who end up proving you wrong? vice versa too.

    very bad boy ler you last time… 😛 😛

  3. Wow, I could not even see the box to put the words in on this monitor.

    Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)

    Award Code

    sulz: wow! lol, sorry if have ruined your eyes for a bit there. thanks so much!

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