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Want to live in this?

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The micro compact home [m-ch] is a lightweight compact dwelling for one or two people. Its compact dimensions of 2.6m cube adapt it to a variety of sites and circumstances, and its functioning spaces of sleeping, working / dining, cooking and hygiene make it suitable for everyday use.


The team of researchers and designers based in London and at the Technical University in Munich developed the m-ch as an answer to an increasing demand for short stay living for students, business people, sports and leisure use and for weekenders.


Its design has been informed by the classic scale and order of a Japanese tea-house, combined with advanced concepts and technologies. Living in an m-ch means focusing on the essential – less is more.


Inside the m-ch features:
• two compact double beds, each measuring 198cm x 107cm, with covered cushions
• storage space for bedding and cleaning equipment
• a sliding table measuring 105cm x 65cm, for dining for up to five people
• flat screen television in the living/dining space
• a shower and toilet cubicle
• a kitchen area, which is fitted with electrical points and features a double hob, sink and extending tap, microwave, fridge and freezer units, three compartment waste unit, storage shelves, cutlery drawers with gentle return sprung slides and double level work surfaces
• thermostat controlled ducted warm air heating, air conditioning, water heating
• fire alarm and smoke detectors


m-ch units are available to purchase for delivery to geographical Europe at a guide price of EUR 25,000 to EUR 34,000 (subject to contract). This price includes all interior fittings. Subject to site conditions, the price excludes delivery, installation, connection to services, consultant’s fees and taxes.


Am already dreaming…

Comments on: "Want to live in this?" (4)

  1. that’s totally hot.
    i’d live there. if, you know, i didn’t have a wife and a cat to try and fit in it as well.

    the short doors look like they’d be annoying, tho.

    sulz: it is, isn’t it? if it’s just the wife, it can apparently fit two people in that cube, though am sceptical of that too… the cat will probably spend most of the days out anyway, so it wouldn’t be too much of a bother!

    the doors most definitely don’t bother this vertically challenged girl. and probably those six bloody lucky munich t.u. students who were chosen to be guinea pigs and live in these m-ch at campus!!

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  4. That is SO cute!

    sulz: yup! too bad it costs more than a bigger, more conventional living place. 😀

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