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Who made you cry today?

Dee and Ms E.

[The card Dee gave ages ago after he read Ms E’s email but only today dared to read.]

Dearest Ann,


You have done yourself & your parents proud to have your article [edit]. We certain[ly] know that it is only the beginning of many more achievements of yours that will be forthcoming for the future.

Keep up the excellent work, girl. Remember, no matter what, we will support you in all your future endeavours & dreams!

Here’s a small token of money for you to buy yourself something nice.

Love always
from Dad & Mom.

[Excerpt from the email Ms E sent to Dee. He offered to let self read the email and self embarrassedly exclaimed No! Then logged into Dee’s inbox to read it furtively. (Dee is computer illiterate, he gives his password to self and another to handle emails from his clients.)]

I want to tell you that you have a daughter who has a talent for writing and I’m not saying this because of the article. (In fact, the editor didn’t do justice to her writing). As I have taught her for two semesters, I can see that she has a natural flair for writing and I have encouraged her to pursue it further as a career whether professionally or academically. I hope that as her parents you will encourage her to apply for scholarships like the Commonwealth or the Chevening scholarship where she can pursue a Masters in creative writing after she finishes. I will also keep a look out for opportunities for her because I feel that students like [her] have much to contribute.

[She] has been a delight and joy to teach. She obviously loves books and reading is her passion and for that I have to thank you, Mr. [edit]. She told me that you were the one who had been buying her books and encouraged her to read as a child and as a language teacher, I can tell you that that is the best thing you could ever give a child. I have been very fortunate to encounter a student like [her] who has such enthusiasm for the written word and I wished there were more parents like you who would be so supportive of a child’s thirst for words.

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