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You scuttle out of the kitchen, squealing to warn the pest exterminator of the house of its presence. If you were drinking or munching your late-night snack when you first caught sight of it, you would emit a loud, frantic moan of various frequencies to indicate the sighting of the creepy crawly.

Then Dee would ask

Where? Where?
There, by the door!
Where got?
THERE! He’s gone behind the door! Faster, before he runs away!
*Dee chooses the top-rated wet kitchen rag among his other choice weapons of the hot flask and the classified section of today’s paper*
FASTER LA! Now he’s hiding behind the chair already!
Don’t worry, sure can get him one! *whips his rag like an abusive man lashes his belt*
HA, WANT TO RUN AWAY SOME MORE? *whip, whip, whip*

The above dialogue would have been accompanied by additional squeals and jumping on chairs by some silly girl for theatrical effect.

Order is restored as Dee removes the offending carcass by making its feelers stick to the wet kitchen rag and taking it to the liquid incinerator that is the toilet bowl.

Who needs Ridsect?

Comments on: "What happens when you see a cockroach?" (7)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    LOL. I had my own cockroach killing experience. here.

    sulz: if self were you, would just run to bedroom asap. several cockroaches had cut short tv time because of their untimely appearance at night when everybody’s in bed hence no one to kill the bloody thing.

  2. Schizo Phrenic said:

    I just pick it up by its antennae and add it to my live bug collection, rhino beetles and centipedes love cockroach

    sulz: must be quite a chore if they escape their containers? the poor gf… but if you don’t have one, maybe that’s why! 😛

  3. Schizo Phrenic said:

    polygamy is what i preach

    sulz: oh sod off, you’re just winding self up aren’t you? 😆

  4. Schizo Phrenic said:

    Hey!! i aint got no wind ‘cept in the colon. I am solid stuff.

    sulz: are you sure that’s not some coming out of your mouth? 😆

  5. Schizo Phrenic said:

    Hey dont get personal lady

    sulz: was just kidding dearie…

  6. Schizo Phrenic said:

    ah, good. you wouldn’t want my beetle collection on your bed when you wake up will ya?

    blog on

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