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The staple is rice in Asia. The staple for self’s generation has to be McDonald’s. Unless your parents are health freaks, you’d have grown up with McD’s signature soggy fries (it’s the soggy bit that makes the fries yummy), burger and free toy in your Happy Meal. It was okay to have fast food when you were younger because well, you’re a kid. You can’t expect kids to care about a healthy diet and besides, their bodies burn off the energy from the food fast enough when they trek to the playground.

However, diet and health takes precedence suddenly when you’re adolescents. McD’s are still yummy to eat, but only if you don’t care for acne and poundage on your body. Do you know that a large McDonald’s French Fries has 424 calories?! Compare this with a Filet-O-Fish which has only 344 calories. And for all the healthiness the word ‘grilled’ connotes in the Grilled Chicken Foldover, it has a hefty 523 calories. A large Coke has 213 calories. Having a McValue Meal set means you’re probably consuming between 800 and 1000 calories easily. A girl’s daily calorie requirement is 2000, while a boy’s is 2400. That’s practically half of your daily calorie requirement!! What about your other two meals?

Yet you enjoy McD’s too much that you can’t possibly eliminate it from your diet entirely. At least that’s the case with self. These are some of the tips self observe when eating a McDonald’s.

1. Plan what you want to eat beforehand. That way you won’t make impulsive orders and overeat. When planning, keep in mind roughly how much calories you will be consuming with each item you order.

2. As mentioned before, the soggy bit in the fries is what makes it so yummy. But the sogginess is because it’s drenched with oil, and probably cheap, low-quality oil at that. You can have the fries, but only order the smallest serving. The kids-size serving fries has 230 calories, which is better than the large (424) or medium (360) serving. Another alternative is a trick learnt from a friend – she takes a handful of napkins to squeeze the oil out of the fries. Very bothersome but it’ll eliminate calories away. You can also make a special order of having unsalted fries at the counter. Otherwise have a Hash Brown, only 130 calories – but you can only have that for breakfast.

3. When ordering a drink, please don’t get a Coke (213), Sprite (218) or F&N Orange (351). Fizzy drinks are a nice treat, but the calories are wasted on drinks; you should have drinks with minimal calories so you can balance the calories from the food taken with your drink. A medium Coke light has only 1 calorie, and a large 2.

4. A trick to remove some calories from your burger is to eat only one burger bun as opposed to the two buns served. Bread, after all, is just carbohydrates, which unused will turn into fat in our bodies. By not eating the bread you can replace it with a condiment of your choice. The sauce in the burgers is also very much calorie-laden, such as the sour cream in Filet-O-Fish and the garlic mayonnaise in the Grilled Chicken Foldover. Have them removed when placing your order and put ketchup or chilli sauce instead, which has less calories. A recommended burger would the Sausage McMuffin with Egg (327), which is only available for breakfast. It’s one of the burgers with the lowest calories, and you get to eat an egg and a chicken pattie. Choose the Quarter Pounder with Cheese (479) over a Big Mac (484).

5. Self never finish the ice-cream, simply because dislike vanilla ice-cream. For example, if am having a Chocolate Sundae, will polish off the chocolate sauce and the remaining vanilla ice-cream will not be touched (the whole point of having a Chocolate Sundae is the chocolate sauce, innit?). It’s wasteful but that’s several unnecessary calories prudently unconsumed. Am a sucker for McFlurry Oreos though.

If you practise some of the tips above, bits and pieces removed here and there would lessen your calorie consumption. It’s wasteful, but it’s either that or adding to the flab on your body. If you’re an active person by all means eat all the McDonald’s you want, those calories will be burnt off anyway, right?

All nutritional information is taken from a McDonald’s leaftlet which lists nutritional information on almost all the food in the menu, which is available at all McDonald’s restaurants.

Comments on: "How do you have McDonald’s without feeling too guilty?" (6)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    Hmm. Hate Macdonalds actually. Love Carl’s Jr (do you all get it there?) which is like 200x worse than Macdonalds. >.

    sulz: we don’t; heard about it from friends who went to singapore though. should be coming here soon, reckon.

    200x worse = 200x yummier? 😛

  2. lovelyloey said:

    Yeah, what’s more sinful is usually more satisfying. Like what Lucifer said in “I, Lucifer” (great book, that): “Ice-cream’s so incredibly sinful I can’t believe I don’t have a part in its creation”. (Or something along that line.)

    sulz: what book is that? haven’t heard of it.

    sometimes wish am more extravagant about books like you. am so stingy that a rare rm38.40 book of self’s favourite author is considered expensive! pampered by too many book warehouse sale (going to one this weekend!).

  3. lovelyloey said:

    Oh, that book is “I, Lucifer” by Glen Duncan. I have a post here. Nope I don’t buy a lot of books. I only buy books when there’s 20% discount at the bookstore. So a novel that usually costs SGD$16.80 will be discounted to $13+. That’s only when I’d CONSIDER buying. Hahaha. If not I try to borrow from the library. Or like you said, go to book warehouse sales. But they usually only sell leftover stock of rubbishy books (think autobiography of Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson. Saw loads at a recently sale I went to. LOL)

  4. paperbacks said:

    hmmm or you could have a weird, unidenfifiable stomach problem where your stomach freaks out anytime you try to have anything nice like soda. or french fries. or anything with corn syrup in it…

    also, im pretty sure the whole “greasy food gives you acne” thing isn’t true… although it depends on who you talk to. I’m pretty sure the only way pizza gives you acne is if you rub your face in it. Although I’ve heard you should cut down on caffeine and stuff, but I think that has to do with helping your skin hydrate. (i was a receptionist in a skin care clinic for awhile…)

    sulz: okay, maybe acne isn’t entirely true. 😛 what kind of stomach problem is that? sounds fictional – could it be contagious? *hopeful*

  5. Hahaha! Fortunately for me, I eat everything without batting an eyelid, mostly because I restrict myself to having McD’s only once EVERY three months… The same goes with KFC, Burger King, Nando’s and A&W… *gulp*

    Ideally, my fast food yearly planner goes like this – Jan: McD’s & A&W, Feb: Burger King & Nando’s, March: KFC & Kenny Rogers, April: McD’s & Manhattan Fish Market, May: A&W, Nando’s & Burger King, June: KFC & Kenny Rogers & Delifrance…well you get the idea

    Oh, thanks for the surprise e-card Sulz! It was certainly a surprise and a delight to find an unexpected online acquaintance making a good gesture such as you did! Hope I can pay back in kind for yours!

    sulz: wah, can’t do your way la, too little quota for fast food! eh delifrance considered fast food meh? quite healthy what…

    haha, told you already nobody except family knows the birth date… it’s more important to self that we continue our virtual friendship than some celebration over something that only comes once a year. 🙂

  6. thanks! my bf and i always eat at mcdonald’s >.

    sulz: no problem. 🙂

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