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A stranger IMed on the Yahoo! Messenger. Now, if were fourteen or sixteen, self would really layan any damn stranger on the Net, just to make more friends and all that shit (read: flirting). Even if most of them end up asking for, what is it called? Text sex? E-sex? Chat sex? Whatever la.

But am twenty-one now. Couldn’t be arsed to ever hope to meet anyone nice from some random stranger instant messaging self. So the only defense to ward off potential pervs is well, to be rude.

This is the message archive between self and some guy.

sulz (11:41:13 PM): who r u?
[edit] (11:41:23 PM): 28 m uk london
sulz (11:41:30 PM): and what do u want
[edit] (11:42:24 PM): u not nice
sulz (11:43:32 PM): well this chatting with strangers thing is long not the norm on the internet…
sulz (11:43:42 PM): unless you’re stuck in the 90s
[edit] (11:44:07 PM): true , but i am trying to make new contacts , and i guess there will be some who are nasty like you
sulz (11:45:29 PM): wow if all that warrants the adjective ‘nasty’ from you is a couple of admittedly rude sentences man you’re going to get worse than nasty with this habit of yours…
[edit] (11:46:17 PM): i thought people from malaysia were nice , sadly i guess they becoming more like londeners
[edit] (11:46:18 PM): :))
sulz (11:47:25 PM): pal people everywhere are nasty and nice
sulz (11:47:31 PM): just your luck who you get
[edit] (11:47:40 PM): true
[edit] (11:47:52 PM): i have travelled quite a bit around the world , so i am used to both
[edit] (11:48:17 PM): but i wouldnt naturally expect nasty people in the far east. But i guess they are gradually changing towards western valyes
sulz (11:49:48 PM): there people go again, generalising everything…
[edit] (11:50:11 PM): well i am quite well travelled . people who are nasty generally are from the start
[edit] (11:50:21 PM): no real excuses
sulz (11:50:53 PM): so nasty ppl stay nasty forever? everything’s so black and white to someone so well-travelled….
[edit] (11:52:17 PM): well some are in the middle , but what i find is that some people try and be nasty to seek attention. Usually the pretty girls as they feel they can get away with it because they good looking, however, in the end guys get bored and go somewhere else as a decent conversation apart from looks keeps people attentions for longer. Sadly you seem to lack those traits
sulz (11:53:09 PM): lack what traits? be specific
[edit] (11:54:30 PM): knowing how to talk well to people. Even when you speak to a stranger there are some manners you have to show , sadly it would seem you havent been taught those qualities
sulz (11:54:43 PM): taught is one, applying is another
sulz (11:54:55 PM): well you can keep on dissing me
sulz (11:55:09 PM): i wont take it personally 😀
[edit] (11:55:27 PM): i suspect you a pretty girl from your reaction
[edit] (11:55:37 PM): you feel because you are pretty you can be a bitch to others on the net
[edit] (11:55:40 PM): am i right ?
sulz (11:55:57 PM): god you’re never so further from the truth
sulz (11:56:16 PM): but at least one person thinks i’m pretty :))
[edit] (11:56:37 PM): well if you aint pretty i dont see any point in being a bitch
[edit] (11:56:40 PM): lol
[edit] (11:56:46 PM): as you will only turn more people away
[edit] (11:56:47 PM): :))
sulz (11:57:16 PM): well if it means turning ppl like you off then i should be more encouraged to be a bitch
[edit] (11:57:25 PM): lol

The rest of the text sparring has been abruptly cut off by self putting him on the ignore list, so didn’t get to see his witty repartee. We just weren’t getting anywhere, were we? He can have the privilege of thinking self have backed off when he doesn’t see a reply to his male biatching.

Actually, he seems to be nice la. Too bad he took self’s defensive rudeness so personally – if he has a thicker skin, would seriously layan him, you know.

Comments on: "Seriously, who even does this anymore?" (5)

  1. paperbacks said:

    Lol. Yeah back when I was like 12, im-ing random strangers was fun. Now I just comment on random stranger’s blogs.
    You’re from malaysia? I know a kid from there. I was thinking about traveling there one day… what do you think?

    sulz: hey, random bloggers are less dodgy than random strangers on the im. at least you can judge the character to a certain extent through their writing. and it’s not all about mindless flirting, at least we interact about something more meaningful than that. though how is it talking about random strangers can be that meaningful…

    anyway, to answer your question, yes am from malaysia. how do you know “a kid” from here? you must only come here if you like hot weather and really cheap shopping, and that includes books, due to the exchange rate and all. and if you have an adventurous tongue to try the local cuisine!

  2. lovelyloey said:

    WAHAHAHA. Seriously, this is so passe. But still people do it all the time. I think they must be like seriously bored to even want to attempt something so silly.

    sulz: exactly! but prior to this have never been imed on yahoo! before. but then again, just only recently have removed self’s photo from the profile…

  3. lovelyloey said:

    Malaysian food! Then again I don’t recall eating any authentic Malaysian food before, not even things like Ipoh hor-fun or Penang laksa. Then again Singapore food and Malaysian food are so mixed up I can’t tell which is which anymore.
    Malaysia is good for buying illegal DVDs -hiak hiak hiak- as long as you don’t get caught at the customs. LOL.

    sulz: the concept of authentic food is so overrated. even if you go to ipoh would doubt how authentic the hor-fun is. everything is pretty much commercialised nowadays. the only thing that should matter is that the food tastes great! eh, no fake dvds at singapore meh?

  4. paperbacks said:

    I hung out with a lot of exchange students last year. I met this boy D who is from malaysia. He’s not an exchange student–he’s an international student. So spring was his first semester here, but he’ll finish college here. But I don’t see him anymore

  5. “well if you aint pretty i dont see any point in being a bitch”


    Sorry I’m commenting in these old posts. I started looking for the images I refer to in my last post… and I got… sidetracked.

    sulz: yup, idiot. don’t worry about it, you know i like comments anywhere and anytime. you look a bit like a stalker though. :mrgreen:

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