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Part II of IM Fiasco

So was feeling a bit bad about being rude to someone who seemed nice. Am going to find out the operative word is seemed.

(Obviously this attempt of making a truce is done purely for the sake of blogging purposes.)

sulz (12/3/2006 12:31:20 AM): hey i want to call a truce here. i was rude, but it wasn’t personal. if you want to start over, i’m willing to be nice. if you don’t it’s fine by me too
[edit] (12/3/2006 12:33:00 AM): lol
[edit] (12/3/2006 12:33:12 AM): now you see things my way
[edit] (12/3/2006 12:33:13 AM): lol
sulz (12/3/2006 12:33:25 AM): and exactly what is your way?
[edit] (12/3/2006 12:34:01 AM): you see hun, when people are nasty to me i know they have issues themselves, so i dont react .

OoOoo, obviously someone’s still hung up with self’s rebuff still…

You see hun, you need to get over yourself first. Issues indeed! *howling with mirth*

Comments on: "You tried to be nice, and what happens?" (1)

  1. Reading these two posts, I take it that the guy is just trying to get you to do some dirty chat. You’re right to be cautious and wary of this guy. You’re not rude at all, I’d do the same if I were in your position.

    sulz: maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. don’t think he was, though, he wouldn’t waste that much effort shooting back, would he?

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