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It is raining les chats et les chiens when get off part-time job today. No matter, am wearing lousy clothes and there’s an umbrella tucked in the tote. Off she goes, book tucked under her shirt for protection from the elements.

When you’re inside looking out you’d invariably think how nice it is to be dry and warm, you’d pity the poor souls who have to trudge out there without an umbrella or a raincoat, drowned rats with their heads bent down and bodies slumped, half-heartedly running to reach shelter a little bit quicker. Not that it matters much anyway, one’d still get thoroughly wet if the wind is in a playful mood.

But when you’re outside it is you who pities the souls who are stuck at home, afraid of getting wet or sick if caught in the rain. For what few else nature-related that can be so invigorating and mentally cleansing? Sure, your feet, and most of your legs for that matter, are as wet as a dog’s slobbery tongue, except that it’s cold. If you have an umbrella, your head and torso are nicely dry. If you haven’t, you’d be soaked to the bone, which only adds to the joy of walking in the rain. It’s like as if you’re rebelling against society’s notion of rain is bad! It causes traffic jams! It makes people sick! It’s bothersome for everyday life! When you walk in the rain, suddenly you feel like, what the hell are people saying, rain is bad? You’ve never had more fun with a nature so negatively thought of!

It’s just lovely walking in the rain (in the right situation, like if you’re wearing clothes that you couldn’t be arsed if they got mucky, and you don’t have anything important soon so you can get sick in peace). The streets are devoid of human and vehicles, that it seems as if you’re the only person left on earth. The rain is so noisy that it blocks all the everyday sounds; you can do your best contemplations with this nature’s noise buffer. Or if you choose not to, the splatters of fat, heavy raindrops on your umbrella, or head, can be very soothing as well. You feel like you’re one with nature. You feel like nothing bad can happen with the rain enveloping you like a very affectionate companion.

As a child, it was a neighbour who taught self the joy of playing in the rain. Never forget that moment in time, getting such effortless delight from something so simple.

So what if am having to bear this vexing cold? Ah-choo!

Comments on: "When’s the last time you walked in the rain?" (3)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    I loved playing in the rain when I was young, especially after school before going home. But I guess I stopped that when I got older because there ain’t anyone to do it with me anymore. And strangely I have never gotten sick from the rain before *touch wood*

    sulz: what is it with grown-up that we don’t do things we used to love to do? what’s wrong with playing barbie dolls and lego once in a while huh? (self recreated those fairy tale moments with the sims instead at one time, haha)

    you know what? if you’re really happy playing in the rain, you won’t get sick. at least self believe that. it’s the ones you hate being caught in that makes you sick. karma or whatever, lol.

  2. Schizo Phrenic said:

    one is never too old to enjoy rain on bare skin.
    i love it.

    sulz: as long as no one sees you bare…

  3. Schizo Phrenic said:

    appriciating my beauty as well as the rain will be double pleasure for those who do see me. i am such a big hearted soul.

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