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A happily throbbing pair of feet is a significant result of an extremely successful retail therapy! Left headquarters yesterday at approximately quarter past nine in the morning to fetch Sesat and Angel, fellow compatriots of this material-gathering expedition to the train station, which transported us to the motherboard by half past ten.

This is the first time we’ve had lunch and dinner while shopping – usually we would have done shopping with plenty of time for dinner at our respective homes. We walked everywhere – mostly because we got lost looking for the next nearby mall to venture into and to comply to Sesat’s fairly finicky tastes for dinner. No matter! We’ve discovered, the urban hicks that we are, that this mall is pretty close to two other malls, pretty close being the operative word, depending on the state of your feet. While ballet pumps look terribly pretty and dainty on one’s feet, they sure make terribly frightful walking companions.

We walked, and walked, and hobbled (yours truly) for a distance of two kilometres covered, certainly. This exercise took us twelve hours to complete – we reached home about nine-ish, and cost self RM250+. No matter! There were some buys which am very pleased of. The list goes as such:

1. Fancy hair clip and glittery hair band RM19
2. Glass pendant necklace and two pairs of earrings RM16
3. A big fake lesportsac tote bag RM50
4. Notebook RM11
5. Two of the loveliest silk floral babydoll tube tops (black & white) RM106
6. One black off-shoulder top with angel appliqué RM39
7. A pen with ultraviolet light (to detect fake notes) for Dee RM16

Comments on: "How can your feet be throbbing happily?" (2)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    I once shopped in a pair of ballet pumps where the sole decided to come off midway. So now I stick to only my birkenstock-like shoes if I want to do serious shopping. Hahaha.

    sulz: yes, in order to look for things that make one looks good, one has to look ugly for the sake of comfort and achieving said mission. must keep that in mind for the next shopping trip in two weeks’ time.

  2. oh, so you were the one who introduced samantha to me. i’ll safely assume you’re from sunway college. 😉

    sulz: keep on assuming! lol

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