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That it’s time to stop shopping. For now. At least.

She nearly lost her shopping bag of stuff worth more than RM50 because she forgot to pick it from the dressing room after trying a top. Thank, thank goodness the shop manager kept it.

Then she nearly slipped on the wet floor. Not her fault – how can you see a wet floor if the tiles have dark patterns?

Obviously not a very good day to shop by oneself.

But she did manage to get:

1. An Xmas photo frame for boss at part-time job RM12.90
2. Another Xmas photo frame for classmate whose Xmas party will be this Sunday RM12.90
3. Black cropped cardigan for the babydoll floral tube tops RM39.90
4. An apple green pencil box (it says Fashion Overdose) & white furry scrunchie RM14
5. Angel-shaped earrings RM23.90

Now sulz has to work very hard so she can have enough money for the next shopping trip with Angel. And don’t be so bloody careless next time!

(This post is so banal don’t know why am putting it up other than to archive shopping inventory.)

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