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First time am tagged! By sunburntkamel. Wow wee! (How lame is she behaving?)

1. She is in love with a baby girl. So in love that she doesn’t even bother to correct strangers when they ask her how old is her daughter.

2. Her three celebrity crushes were Lee Brennan, Pablo Aimar and Ryan Conferido.

3. She has an ABRSM Grade 8 in piano. Only practical though – she failed her theory!

4. She has stolen about half a dozen books in her life.

5. She is extremely kiasu (competitive), though she never shows it.

That was hard, what with most of the interesting facts being archived in the 100th post.

You’re tagged! lovelyloey, paperbacks, daveyoong, eternalwanderer, rhigirl

Comments on: "What are 5 things you don’t know about her?" (3)

  1. my blog has a strange lack of proper google indexing, that may have caused the problem.

    4. from bookstores or people?

    sulz: ah, people of course. it’s not easy to steal a book from the shop with all those security tags hidden in it!

  2. […] Tagged by sulz, like, five days ago. I need to check this blog more often. […]

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