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Did you just lose your car?

That was what J said to self as we stare at our parking space with jaws dropped, because it was not self’s green coupe but a black four-door car.

We were out shopping. Had lunch at TGI Friday’s (absolutely scrumptious dory fish fillet for our main course).

Fuck. Did someone stole the car? Fuck, Dee is going to kill self for not locking with the steering wheel lock. Fuck, fuck, fuck, as she frantically dialled Dee’s handphone number.

Dee, think the car was stolen. Don’t tell M that, she’ll have a heart attack or something. Just tell her the car broke down.

– Who the hell wants to steal a 10-year-old car?!
– Man, this is weird!
– Could we have forgotten where we really parked?
– No, am pretty sure this is where we parked.
– You think … forgot to lock the door?
– No… saw you checking the locks before we went off.
– OMG, OMFG, what’s going to happen? Wait, the rojak man’s just there, am going to ask him if he saw anything.

Turns out the car was towed, not fucking stolen.

*howls in relieved laughter*

(Eh, first time okay. Like a virgin and all.)

Waited an agonising 15 minutes for Dee, drove to the lot where they keep towed cars, where the sweet green coupe was parked all by itself smack in the middle of the compound, such sweet relief! Came in the nick of time to pay the fine – minutes later the compound would have been closed.

For that emotionally excruciating five minutes when thought the car was stolen, it felt like self’s world was truly about to end.

Alright, drama of the day aside, here’s what have bought:

1. Body Shop cloth bag RM15
2. Body Shop Amorito perfume RM36 (smells literally like chocolate)
3. Necklace RM10
4. An expensive lesson of how not to park your car at towing areas RM98

p.s. Thanks Dee, for not freaking out when thought car was stolen. That’s why you’re always the one everyone in the family looks for when in trouble.

Comments on: "Did you just lose your car?" (3)

  1. paperbacks said:

    hmm… do you think the chocolate scent would work on men? I know it’d be attractive to women… but men don’t quite share the same connection with chocolate.

    although, I have been sending care packages to Iraq and apparently chocolate is one of the most requested items–and hardest to send in heat eh…

    sulz: well, with self’s extremely limited romantic experiences, don’t know actually. but if you’re a chocoholic like self, the scent would make sense (bah, no pun intended!) and can be a signature scent of sorts!

  2. Schizo Phrenic said:

    wish someone made perfume that smelled like coffee. its a pain to keep splashing a bit of my black coffee on me.

    sulz: am sure there’s one like that somewhere, if they’ve a chocolate scent already! keep looking, though don’t see what’s wrong with the current solution – it looks like it matches your skin quite well! 😛

    and do you know that you can make paper have that old look if you dipped it in black coffee?

  3. Schizo Phrenic said:

    Why do I have a funny feeling that there was some hidden racism and sarcasm in that reply hmm..

    sulz: not at all! man, with all this prejudice in the world, can’t even say anything without thinking there’s a hidden meaning behind.

    absolutely no hidden whatever, don’t take it the wrong way…

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