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Is that size discrimination?

There’s a little segment in a local English radio station which helps to matchmake two people on radio. The deejays would help the guy / girl to call up their crush or whoever they’re interested in, and see if they can coax the person into going out on an all-expenses-paid date.

A couple of days ago, something interesting happened. (Interesting = drama.) A girl seeked the deejay’s help to ask a guy she likes out. The guy, who didn’t realise the girl was listening to the conversation between him and the deejay, flat out refused the date because he thought she was “really, really fat.”

Needless to say, he was “public enemy no. 1,” as the deejay so succinctly put it. He was so indignant by the many text messages sent to the station condemning his act that he called the deejay back to justify his rejection, insisting that he “did nothing wrong” and that honesty is the best policy. However, when the deejay asked if he would have lied had he known the girl was listening to their conversation, he blurted, “Hell, yeah!”

The deejay concluded, “This is what I think of the whole situation – it’s You Make Me Sick by Pink!” and promptly played the song.

It is size discrimination, without a doubt. But it is also his personal choice. While many are indignant for the poor girl’s dejected and insulted feelings, you have to respect the guy’s decision. You can’t force love; if he is really that repulsed by the look of a fat person, he cannot feel attracted to that person. And what is love if not a mutual attraction?

You can call him shallow, but then again, is a person also equally shallow if he does not like a girl who he feels is intellectually incompatible with him? After all, intelligence isn’t everything, is it? There’s also compassion and kindness and loyalty.

It is in self’s personal opinion that you shouldn’t judge a person’s romantic decisions as it ultimately affects him or her, and not you. People judge and choose their life partners through many seemingly arbitrary tests. Some people are revolted by others who have body odour or chew with their mouths open, while some can look past that. Some cannot tolerate infidelity and abuse in a marriage, while some can. Some like it kinky, some like it nonexistent. Whatever float their boats, is different than what float ours.

However, it does somewhat reflect the person’s mentality and judgement on certain issues.

And a guy who’s once rejected a girl because she’s too fat should in no way be allowed to change his mind if the girl slims down and become physically acceptable to him.

Comments on: "Is that size discrimination?" (3)

  1. Match making on radio? exhibitionists!!


    PS have changed location of blog.

    sulz: voyeurs love exhibitionists.

    aye aye, have noted in your previous comment.

  2. futu-SaSi said:

    Hmm .. wow, this is interesting – i unfortunately didn’t catch this. But yes I do agree, that honesty is the best policy – even though it does not lessen the hurt for the girl.

    You can be sure that once she slims down, he’ll possibly think she’s “hot enough” and give it a shot anyways. Hopefully she’ll have it in her to remember this and stomp all over him! 🙂

    Btw just found your blog, so you may see many hits/comments from me today as I catch up with your archives.

    sulz: well, if she’s head over heels in love with him, she’ll probably let him take her out – love is blind and all, right? 😉

    feel free to comment on past posts, love it! like reading your blog too.

  3. […] where the listeners can e-mail their problems and the deejays will try to fix them. (They also have another segment which can be pretty dramatic at times.) Previously, they’ve given a laptop to a girl who […]

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