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Do this. Type your name and see what slogan comes up. Went through it six times before found one that actually liked.

I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Sulz. (considering sulz is a very big girl, it is indeed unbelievable.)

Sulz: The Other White Meat. (am not even white, bloody!)

I’m Not Gonna Pay A Lot For This Sulz. (gee, thanks a lot. bugger!)

Get In My Sulz. (very disturbing, this one.)

Sulz Comes to Those Who Wait. (even more disturbing! never mind, sulz has got a mind of a sewer.)

Have You Had Your Sulz Today? (this would make a good catchphrase for the blog, no? 🙂 )

So what came up in yours?

Comments on: "Why do you such seemingly fun but utterly pointless things?" (2)

  1. I think I had way too much fun with that. lol 😀

    I used my nickname and these are what I got.


    “Every Moe Helps”

    “The Moe of your life”

    “The home of Moe”

    “Wouldn’t you rather be Moe?”

    “Because Moe can’t drive.”

    “With a name like Moe, it has to be good.”

    “You’ve got questions. We’re got Moe.”

    “151 countries, one Moe.”

    sulz: like 1, 2 and 6. 🙂 it is rather addictive, isn’t it?

    actually, played more after writing post… shh…

  2. “Have The Eternal Wanderer Your Way” – utterly disturbing…

    “Let The Eternal Wanderer Begin” – say what?

    “It’s a Lot Less The Eternal Wanderer than a Hover” – no idea what this means…

    “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful The Eternal Wanderer” – This was so LOL-worthy! 😀

    “Get The Eternal Wanderer or Get Out” – Yikes! I’ve been targetted! LOL

    Like Moe…I think I just had too much fun with this! ^^

    sulz: the first one was the best! lol 😆

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