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100 Personal Facts about Blogging in WordPress Year 2006
She’s Only Mustered 56

1. She LOVES blogging.

2. She regrets not blogging sooner.

3. She blogs a lot about her own life.

4. Maybe that’s because she doesn’t have anyone to tell about such navel-gazing stuff, hence it’s all poured onto her blog.

5. She realises how personal blogging has become to her.

6. Because she cannot imagine sharing this part of her life with friends and family.

7. That’s why she’s so bloody anonymous.

8. Should someone who knows her in real life is reading this blog, do her a favour and don’t tell her that you do.

9. Actually, there is someone she has willingly given this blog url to, which is Ms E.

10. But Ms E is such a busy woman am almost certain she’ll hardly visit here, if ever.

11. She’s learnt how to do simple HTML. (The blogger, not Ms E.)

12. She’s learnt how to use Paint more, because of all the customised headers.

13. She discovered the joy of helping new bloggers solve their blogging problems.

14. Even though her blogging knowledge is still amateurish.

15. Through the forums, she has also had the pleasure of participating in various interesting blogging discussions.

16. As well as witnessing drama (with relish!) when the threads have taken a less polite turn.

17. But most of all, the forums has brought her to know many other WordPressers, characters unlike her and like her, all joined together for their love of blogging.

18. Such people are drmike, timethief, britgirl, cornell, bloglily, sunburntkamel, raincoaster, nosysnoop, et cetera.

19. She enjoys knowing these people, even though she may not read their blogs or comment, and vice versa.

20. She also wants to say thank you to all who have helped her with her blogging troubleshooting in the forums, and those who took the time to reply to her threads.

21. While she’s on that note, she also wants to shout a big THANK YOU to the WordPress team who’s made her life so much more fulfilling with this amazing blogging platform.

22. With the message of: Keep up the good work, and how about a new theme for New Year’s Day!

23. What she likes most about blogging is that she is able to interact with people she would otherwise not have.

24. Thanks to her blog, she gets to know people like lovelyloey, eternalwanderer, britgirl, daveyoong, bloglily and sunburntkamel.

25. And also the many who flits in and out of her blog, leaving occasional comments, like schizo, rhigirl and paperbacks.

26. She loves receiving comments – it shows that her writing has enough impact for the reader to respond.

27. Though admittedly her heart sinks when she receives a negative comment.

28. Her instinct is to defend her stand, and perhaps sometimes her replies to comments may come off as obstinate and rude.

29. For that, she apologises and hopes you will continue to comment, good or bad.

30. She may not like receiving negative comments, but she realises it is part of life.

31. She cannot expect everyone to agree with her views aired in her blog.

32. But what she can gain out of it is a new understanding and perspective to the issue.

33. Which only helps her to mature and see life in a more open-minded approach.

34. Blogging in WordPress has opened her to a whole new community out there.

35. A community devoid of cliques and segregation, where every blogger is an equal regardless of sex and age.

36. It never fails to amaze her how she can interact with people older than her like they are her peers, when in reality she’s terribly awkward around older people and painfully shy with the opposite sex.

37. Through the Tag Surfer, she discovers blogs with the same interests as her.

38. Through the Friend Surfer, she keeps in touch with her fellow WordPressers without having to visit their blog, and vice versa.

39. Through My Comments, she can track her previous comments left around the WordPress community and read the replies without having to remember the url.

40. Blogging has gave her so much joy that she has a second blog elsewhere.

41. Initially, she thought she would have a hard time juggling two blogs.

42. Surprisingly, she is handling both blogs so well.

43. So well that she is considering a third blog!

44. Blogging in WordPress has changed her life considerably.

45. Her day starts off as so: wake up, brush teeth, bathe, turn computer on, log on internet to blog’s website.

46. This is what she does every day, without fail.

47. She is a constant visitor to her college’s computer lab whenever she has major renovations going on her blog, like renaming categories and changing the layout.

48. She has had a few narrow escapes, though, when her classmates try to peer over her screen to see what’s she surfing on the internet.

49. Blogging has made quite a few self-discoveries.

50. One being how much opinion she has on things!

51. Being the reserved introvert that she is, she never thought she had much opinion.

52. Or intellect, for that matter.

53. While she’s still very much unopinionated and unintellectual on many things in life, she does care very much for certain issues.

54. Through this blog, she finds that she is passionate about the fat debate, books and friendship matters.

55. As well as life as a college student.

56. To think all this would have remain undiscussed without the existence of this blog!

Comments on: "What does a year of blogging mean to you?" (5)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    Nice knowing you too! And Happy New Year! 😀

    sulz: likewise, cheers!

  2. lovelyloey said:

    Well, you know I just realized (after looking at the list of recent posts at your sidebar) that the titles are all questions. Hmm.

    sulz: … -_- efforts at making blog slightly different not wasted then.

  3. Mea culpa. Am not really sensitive about titles. Haha.

  4. I am relatively new at the blogging hobby/activity. Though I have roamed the Internet for about a decade I have been reading and posting on blogs for less than a year and I have just started my own blog in November. My newbie thoughts on why to blog are simplistic. If it adds something “you” value to your life then every other reason is secondary. Do you really need another reason? The farther down life’s road you travel the more you will appreciate finding hobbies and activities that you enjoy doing with your time, which do not require you to have a reason for doing that activity. Life has many quests that you must undertake, many of them unenthusiastically. It is good to have a hobby/activity like blogging to help clear your mind from the mundane and barriers of life that impede your mind’s travels. Plus I have always found writing down thoughts or issues has helped me understand and traverse the path I was traveling. A blog allows you a way to express your thoughts AND exchange ideas. And if you do feel the need to rant, I can speak from personal experience that blogging is a whole lot less expensive than repairing the wall you just stuck your fist through.

    Have a happy blogging experience!

    sulz: thank you for sharing. reasons can be immaterial, as you said, if one just finds plain joy in doing what s/he does. and that is basically what it means to self too.

  5. Thank You Sulz for being… well, you :). And great post. Here’s to an equally successful year blogging!

    sulz: wow, that’s a really nice comment to receive today! thank you for that. *hug*

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