blogging gobbledygook and such

Before that, let’s review the previous New Year’s resolutions.

Resolution number 1 can be considered 50% achieved, for what else can be more articulate of thought presentation than a blog? However, it is also prone to filler posts that do not do much but fill, hence resolution is 50% achieved. Not too bad.

Resolution number 2 is fully achieved. If one take note of the number of posts in every month, one can observe the gradual addition of the amount of posts posted per month. If that is not proof of commitment, what is? V. g.!

Resolution number 3 is not achieved at all, the reason ironically for being resolution number 2. Well, who knew maintaining a blog can take so much of one’s thoughts, time and sanity? Naughty, naughty.


This year’s resolutions are:

1. Be even more articulate. Because one can never be too articulate. Articulation is an admirable trait. But first, you have got to stop repeating the bloody word as is not prime example of attempting to be… articulate. Damn!

2. Eat healthier. Does not mean lose weight, dammit! (Though if that is the perk that comes along eating healthily, is absolutely okay. But is not a resolution for that reason. Eating healthier means a better bowel system for this constipation-prone person. There, said it. Happy?? Grrr.)

3. Experience life more. Stop reading about things you want to do. Get out and actually do it!


And yes, Happy 1st Birthday, bloggerdygook!

Some blog stats:

1. Received 130 virtual hugs.
2. Blogged 195 posts.
3. Received 283 comments.

Comments on: "What are your resolutions that you’d probably not fulfil this time around?" (2)

  1. Yay! Happy Birthday to your blog and a Happy New Year as well. Looks like you have three most excellent resolutions there. I don’t eat sugar or yeast any more, and much as I miss cake, I do feel much healthier. I’m still working on your third resolution – still can’t quite kick the feeling that reading about it is almost as good. Honestly, if you imagine exercising really vividly, you do get a little bit fitter…

    sulz: thank you. 🙂 am not as strong-willed as you about sugar, but you made self laughed out loud at your last line!

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