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If you thought the Team Vagina avatar was tasteless, this might blow your mind away.

vagina earrings
Vagina earrings.

Granted, they may not look particularly like the real anatomy, but the thought of wearing something that represents self’s sexual organ is just plain kinky and sick!

Would use an avatar that spells team vagina but am drawing the line at wearing jewelry that resembles said anatomy. Does that make one a possible hypocrite? Maybe, or that that is one’s limit. Some people’s limits might reach further than others, but this is where self’s limits stop.

Admittedly, though, it could be a bestseller as a promotional item for a staging of the play The Vagina Monologues (which is what they’re created for).

Or it could be a disaster.

Question: would you wear those vagina earrings? If you are a guy, would you wear them if you were a girl?

Comments on: "Would you wear vaginas on your ears?" (11)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    But I can’t decide which is worse – a vagina earring or a vagina piercing.
    I guess both are just equally mortifying.

    sulz: a vagina piercing would only gross someone out if you show it to the person (but if you’re going to show it you would probably expect the person not to be grossed out in the first place that you trust showing it). a vagina earring may gross more people out than one expects to! (assuming the people actually recognise the vaginal shape of the earrings)

  2. Don’t forget that some women have (and like) vagina piercings and vagina rings… so I wouldn’t necessarily assume they are mortifying for the wearers – who probably find them erotic.
    As for these being a promotional item – if the aim is to generate buzz about the Vagina Monologues… well, it’s working isn’t it?

    sulz: things like these are very personal choices; either you like it or you don’t. it would certainly fit well in a sex shop!

    and yes, truly nothing to create buzz like a pair of vagina earrings for the vagina monologues

  3. timethief said:

    I agree with lovelyloey – IMO they are gross and I would neither wear them nor would I buy them to present to any one of my girlfriends as a gift. I wouldn’t wear or gift anyone with tiny penises either. But as britgirl says there are probably those who would wear them.
    P.S. I thought the Vagina Monologues was “old news” because it’s been over a year ago since I saw them performed.

    sulz: a university’s drama society is putting up the play, hence those earrings.

    you mightn’t give them as gifts, but surely your local feminist movement would love it? 😛

  4. Hey sulz hapy new year. get your boyfriend an earring with the respective organ, that way you can call him a dick head.



    Ps I do know someone i want to gift it to.

    sulz: happy 2007 too schizo! lol, if have earring-making skills, sure! not just the bf when he’s acting like one, but to all other dickheads self know too.

    so who do you want to give it to? and you’re supposed to answer if you’d wear them if you’re a girl.

  5. Happy New Year… Interesting Blog… Am a friend Of Schizo’s… Added you to my Blogroll… No comments about the Vagina post, but let’s say My Gf was kinda grossed out… (You rock, sulz!!!)

    sulz: welcome, friend of schizo’s! will add you to blogroll soon if haven’t already done so, thank you. haha, tell your gf she wasn’t the only one!

    and thanks for replying to the question below.

    and for that fabulous burst of virtual affection! 😉

  6. P.S. I wouldn’t wear them.

  7. if there any other girl wearing it, why not?
    thank god i was born as a boy.

    sulz: ah, ever the faithful follower of trends, eh? 😉

  8. Ah, this was funny lol. Those earrings are completely funnily grossily weird. 😛

    Anyway, I came here looking for the hidden post. What can be important for almost all people except New Year’s Day and Christmas? Bleh! 😐

    sulz: yea they definitely were!

    highly suggest you go back to where you’ve searched. it’s really easy once you find it, really!

  9. oh god! i came here via ish’s comment.

    vagina earrings? excuse me if i am wrong, but i don’t actually SEE a single vagina. it’s hidden organ, buried deep and down under. but anyhow, i am not gonna wear private parts – either male or female – eveeeeeeeeeeeeer!

    sulz: well, okay technically it’s the labia but well the point is we’re not sure who wants to wear them for real!

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