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Lots of unwanted and unnecessary drama.

See, A, who’s a Christian, is somewhat… bothered by B’s attitude in class, who is also a Christian. The difference between A and B is that A has a more traditional approach and outlook of her religion, whereas B is more liberal about her faith and believes that what she does is between herself and God.

A, who has recently found herself again through the renewal of her faith, e-mailed selected people in the class (read: people who are not close friends with B & B herself) speaking up about B’s attitude in class. She believes that as a daughter of Christ, she must uphold the Christian image which might otherwise be misconstrued by B’s attitude. She also apologised on behalf of B for her attitude that may have offended some others in class.

Surely you’re relishing what’s coming up next.

C, a fellow Christian, rang A up immediately after reading the e-mail to counsel her.

This girl storytelling here, also responded to A by replying her e-mail.

D, another Christian, however, chose to hit the ‘reply all’ button instead of the ‘reply’ button in her e-mail, telling everybody who received the e-mail that she wished not to be included in this mailing list in future of similar e-mails as she felt she is not in the position to judge other people and that if she feels someone is doing wrong, she should speak to the person involved.

D, technically you’re judging A by doing that too, aren’t you? By hitting that ‘reply all’ button.

The rest of the selected e-mail recipients obviously adopted the typical Malaysian “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” sort of ignoramus approach. The “char sor” (Cantonese for act/pretend to be stupid) mentality, if you will.

A, in self and C’s advice, sent another e-mail, this time apologising for involving everybody in a situation between herself and B, though reiterating that her opinion still stands. She has since written an e-mail to B as well.

Ms E, your heart work is unravelling one strand at a time now. At an alarming rate, it seems.

Don’t you just love colourful characters in self’s class who would probably not feel out of place as guest stars in an episode of The O. C. or One Tree Hill? 😉

Watch this space. Have a feeling College Soap 101 is not over.

The sequel

Comments on: "What to expect in a class of 90% girls?" (5)

  1. Ah well… The wonderful world of women… No men cant understand what’s on a woman’s mind… There’s Just TOO much stuff happening!!!!

    Talking about the 90% girls thing, even I was once in a class of 24 girls and 7 Boys in School….. For 2 Years!!! (11th and 12th Grades, that is…)… No words to describe that experience, except maybe confusing and exhilarating…

    Hopefully we’ll come to know what happened in the last in the above post…

    sulz: too true, what you’ve said. let’s hope it’s a good ending, but in reality not much good ever comes out of endings really.

  2. beat 16 guys 96 girls.:-)

    And this scenario happens in my college too. The difference being instead of email they use “prayer meetings” to express opinion about others.


    nelson stop stalking the child.


    sulz: hahaha, bitches are bitches anywhere in the world, huh?

    and whatcha doing, schiz? playing barbie dolls with self? 😛

  3. Hey! you come dangerously close to being insulting.. I thing Barbie dolls are an insult to women everywhere. (particularly bec i have diff tastes)
    I do play other games .
    with my self? NOYB


    sulz: how are barbie dolls insulting? they aren’t exactly realistic, but loved to play with them as a kid. that, and lego too.

    you know self doesn’t refer to you. -_-

  4. timethief said:

    Prayer lists, prayer, chain letters and judgmental emails are a symptom of a misguided zealot who is off course. I know for a fact that there is no where in scripture where it states belief in Jesus ans prayer should be used as weapons. Also scripture clearly indicates this judgmental person is out of step with the teachings of Jesus Christ hence she should take the plank out of her eye. The commandment is to “love one another” and this kind of self-righteous gossiping and back stabbing is what the Pharisees were into. It’s exactly what Jesus stood against.

    sulz: yes, am upset that she chose to do her bitching in a textual form, because things said in writing are more dangerous than things said itself (as time makes minds forget and hearts heal). but sort of understand her motives for doing it. she really meant no harm with her actions, just that she doesn’t realise that it is harmful to an extent.

    self have done things like this before (not in the name of religion though), so am more sympathetic.

  5. Ha, if you think that’s bad… wait till you get a load of a dramatic case in my college the last time…

    Anyways, without divulging too much details, let’s just say that there was a young Christian guy who had a fervent passion for all things Christian but seemed to be rather liberal and thinks that other Christians shouldn’t be too intrusive on how other people live their Christian walk was severely attacked by other Christians in a Christian club for being “wayward” and “worldly”.

    While others judged him, the guy refused to trade barbs with them and stuck by his principle that his relationship with God is a personal relationship and all that matters is between him and God. Other people have no right to dictate how and in what way one should have a relationship with God.

    But that’s not all, in his own accord, he came out of the closet and got himself into more trouble with others while I looked on. That was among the many times that I could not but feel ashamed that I am a Christian because rather than show love to one another, the rest rebuked him and cast him out of the fellowship.

    The worst thing is that I failed to stand up for him… and I felt like a Pharisee at that time. The incident taught me a lesson and I wished that I had done something to defend him considering that I, too, subscribe to the same principles as his – that how I walk with God and how I live my Christian faith is no one else’s business but my own.

    sulz: that’s bad… well, if anything you learnt a lesson from this and hopefully in a similar situation in future you’re better equipped with the knowledge to act accordingly.

    as they say, live and let live.

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