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The sort of teacher who doesn’t respect her profession. Who doesn’t respect the students who genuinely want to learn. You can be an Emeritus Professor Doctor Bloody Whatever, but when you come in the lecture hall, speak with a voice so weak like you’ve just returned from a tonsilitis surgery that your students can barely hear you over the humming of the air-conditioner, don’t bother to organise your notes that you spend minutes searching in those sheaf of papers for your next page, snatching transparencies away from the projector as you please without caring if the students have finished copying, and don’t even provide an effing pro-forma but expect your students to copy by hand!!!

Another sort cannot stand is the weak, indecisive teacher who doesn’t seem to have a clue how to conduct her class and is constantly fussing over absent students, worrying that they cannot understand when they attend the next class if she teaches too much today. Eh, who bloody cares la? They’re old enough to realise the consequences of not coming to class! And who is too arsed to photocopy for the class the books they are supposed to be using as a text book when the photocopy facility is provided free for the lecturers and done by office clerks who do it for other lecturers, but expecting instead the students to do it themselves and prolonging the learning process because they have to wait for their books to be photocopied. And who is too stingy to get new whiteboard marker pens but instead attempts to blind zealous students with her faint marker pens.

You don’t have this student’s respect, sorry.


Rant over, let this blogger tell you about this thing she’s attempting to do this semester that is garnering endless and irritating gawks from her classmates: which is to learn 3 Latin-based languages. (Note: one of those language class is taken uncredited, because am learning for the sake of learning, while there’s still a good lecturer around!)

Who bloody told you people shouldn’t learn Romance languages together? Why do you think am crazy for doing this? Why do you think am going to be so confused by the similarities? (And so what if am confused? Confusion is the first step to understanding.) Why are you being so negative and unencouraging???

Such people, get lost!

Err, right, rant truly over.

Comments on: "What sort of teachers can you not stand?" (4)

  1. Hmmm… Confessions of a frustrated student… Been there done that. :-)… Viva La Resistance!

    sulz: but aren’t you schizo’s fellow medical classmate? it’s your final year, is it?

  2. Yeah, I am. But ranting lives forever and goes on in every student’s life… And people like me, silently rebel by just not going to class when that tutor comes… The attendance takes a hit, but it’s a moral victory, all the same.

    sulz: don’t you have an 80% attendance minimum rule? this is the case for self’s college, so no go with your trick. have to save those few classes can afford to skip like future ‘get out of jail free’ cards, excepts it’s used as ‘last-minute rushing to finish assignment’ cards.

  3. Actually, learning two Romance languages together actually helps, because they have similar roots. It’s easier to learn French and Spanish, than it is to learn, say, English and German or even English and Italian..

    How do I know? I studied French and Portuguese for my 1st degree…. However I had been learning and speaking French a few years earlier than I started Portuguese… so it was easier than starting both from scratch. Understanding French made learning Portuguese easy.

    sulz: hey, have learnt french before learning portuguese too! and yes, it was very much easier! 🙂 nurtured the love for portuguese over spanish actually, where it is usually the other way round for people learning portuguese and spanish.

    though their claim is not entirely untrue… there were times when was confused between the languages, occasionally italian and spanish. but am not going to let that discourage self!

  4. Good for you! I also preferred Portuguese to Spanish… and particularly Brasilian Portuguese, which was what I learnt. Softer and so musical. Really beautiful. I find have to really strain to understand Portuguese from Portugal, until my ear re-accustoms itself… I find it harsher to listen to and speakers tend to swallow their words more…just adds to the interestingness of it all…

    sulz: am not learning brazilian portuguese, but am not quite sure what accent does the lecturer have! she’s from mozambique, so it’s either an accent from there or a portuguese accent.

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