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As predicted, here is the latest drama from college this week:

1. B is naturally furious with A’s e-mail shenanigans.

2. As mentioned before, A and B were once good friends. Something had happened between them to have them turn against each other now. B thought A was jealous when B was in the Dean’s List one semester ago. B and her possé found her claim preposterous, as B is without a doubt the smartest in the class and was in the Dean’s List for that semester as well. (You’d think for someone who’s that smart would behave more maturely than what shall be reported below.)

3. B, not satisfied by her lack of participation in this drama, tried to stir the pot her own way by manipulating one of the guys in the class into sending her his copy of the first e-mail sent by A. A had sent her a different e-mail which B refused to acknowledge (according to A). Though B did feigned goodness by telling Manipulated Guy that she tried talking to A but A did not respond (according to B). Am suspecting the first e-mail basically said what the e-mail A sent privately to B, but it would obviously be in a less cutting manner and B must be curious to know what tasteless choice of words A had chosen to describe her disapproved actions. (Are you confused already?)

4. First mission accomplished, B continued her subtle slander (which was what A was doing, but now B is doing it too) by discussing about the issue with a group of classmates who are this one bunch who hang out together. This diplomatic group (of which D is part of) reassured B that they did not want to be involved in this matter.

5. B cunningly approached them after a class, when A had left and the inconsequential individuals like yours truly, Manipulated Guy and a few others have left too.

6. But of course, girls being gossip personified, it wasn’t too long before yours truly was updated on the latest.

Well, B, you were very much the innocent victim. However, by badmouthing in the name of being informed, you are just as bad as her. The lowest blow you punched was asking the unthinking guy to send you his copy of the e-mail received. You barely speak two words to him the whole week sometimes, and suddenly you’re buddy buddy with him for half an hour while you try to coax him into forwarding A’s e-mail? Why didn’t you ask one of the girls from the Diplomatic Group?

Don’t take this as self being judgmental: might have done the same too if were in your position.

(This is probably the last episode of the season as the cast are fantastic sweepers under carpets. But surely the producers are pushing for another season? 😉 Stay tuned.)

Comments on: "Surely you were waiting for the next episode of College Soap 101?" (3)

  1. Too much happening, too much happening,

    too much info…

    System overload….

    Eminent crash…

    Beginning physical dump of memory (whatever that means…)

    Beeeeooop! (Screen turning off – Got that Sound Effect from Calvin and Hobbes)

    sulz: haha!

  2. Hi Sulz… Check out this new post about my observations of drinking in my college…

    And this one’s got a few snaps of my cousin!

    sulz: SPAM! but you see, am nice, so have left comments there too.

  3. I didn’t understand one word. :I

    sulz: haha, you’re supposed to read the link on the word ‘predicted’ to know the whole story. but if you have and you still don’t get it, don’t blame you at all – you have to be in it to realise the intensity of it.

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