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What’s Manglish?

Continuing from the couple of posts behind about the varieties of English, just want to point out a great site to learn a bit more about the Malaysian variety of English: Wikipedia, of course.

Try leaving a comment using Manglish! 🙂

Comments on: "What’s Manglish?" (4)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    I dunno why you all ah, use “dontch know”. But a lot of the particles are like Singlish hor.

    sulz: eh, you cannot count – singlish is too closely related to manglish!

    maybe we watch too much phua chu kang. lol

  2. Mangkalai, mangkalai! 🙂

    Does it count?

    It’s hard la, at school, teachers want us to speak perfect grammar & pronounciation but tv, radio they all speak with US slang.

    + it’s faster to speak shortcut than the full Ingrish.

    I don’t like Malaysians use simple English like “you” “I” mixed with BM. Like, can only use simple English with BM?

    eg. I nak nasi lemak.

    sulz: eh, self don’t use that word. means bengali, hor?

    speak good english in formal situations, otherwise you’ll be seen as “showing off” in more informal situations. teachers encourage good english because most students don’t know good english!

    … self do that a lot. as you said, it’s quicker to speak – ‘i’ and ‘you’ are a lot quicker and easier on the tongue than ‘saya’ and ‘kau’!

  3. Ai seh, you ah, why must you pilih Manglish to blog-blog about, wei? Teach people wrong thing only, lah you!

    We all writers must listen kau kau to the government…write properly or kena saman, eh!

    sulz: because want to inform the overseas reader about our variety mah!

    … saman pei la! like that everybody also pokai already! no need to speak engrish la like that, speak may-lay only. lol

  4. ok lor…i try to write manglish here.

    but you know or not, manglish is so damn kow cool? aso eh, this code is the damn kow elite lan see, cause kwai lohs cannot talk it! haha! but yalah…i find it farnie that kwai lohs try to emulate the lah particles. so damn chekai fake accent.

    sulz: ya, sometimes they sound quite teruk, but not as low yar as malaysians speaking in a kwai lou accent! every time i hear people like that want to smack their heads only!

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