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Going places with a slimmer figure

KUALA LUMPUR: When Andrea Fonseka was crowned Miss Malaysia Universe 2004, she was unkindly dubbed one of the most plump Miss Malaysia Universe in history.

At that time, she tipped the scales at 66kg.

Yesterday, the media was greeted with a slimmer and definitely hotter Fonseka, who now weighs 58.5kg, thanks to Marie France Bodyline.

Fonseka, who is the company’s latest spokesperson, was frank when asked if she felt she had succumbed to pressure to lose weight.

“I hate to admit it, but looks do matter to an extent. But I wouldn’t say I have succumbed,” she said.

“If I did, it would have been a long time ago, for instance when the vicious e-mails (ridiculing her and her weight) were circulated. I’m not selling out. I’m just making the best of every opportunity.

“I could have chosen to be thinner. I could have chosen to diet. But I made it clear that I didn’t want to be too thin. I only lost 7.5kg in places that I wanted to lose.”

She added that back then, she had never seen herself as fat.

“I accepted myself for who I was,” said Fonseka, who admitted that when she was a teenager battling weight problems, she had tried all sorts of methods to lose weight – from taking diet pills and starving herself to exercising excessively.

Fonseka revealed that Marie France Bodyline approached her last year.

“They saw that I had the potential to fulfil my dreams and they made it happen.”

The 21-year-old National University of Singapore law student is understandably excited about her new self after three months, more so at the doors it has opened for her.

Since losing weight, she has guest-starred on popular Singaporean sitcom Parental Guidance, played one of the lead characters on Housemates, a collection of six music videos, and done several catwalk shows.

She was also voted one of Female magazine’s Top 50 Gorgeous People 2006.

Does she find herself more confident since losing all that weight?

“It’s happened so quickly that I still find myself shopping for clothes that fit my old body. I do find myself more confident with my physique. But other than that, I’m still the same person,” said this chocolate and ice-cream lover who is still looking for Mr Right.

Can she “accept” herself for who she was when she was fat, and then take on Marie France’s offer to lose weight?

It just sounds contradicting for self.

If she wants to lose weight, it’s entirely her prerogative, but why doesn’t she admit that it is because she doesn’t want to stay fat? That’s not wrong. It’s really mind-boggling that people who were formerly fat or perceived so, tries to pretend they don’t regret being fat or admit they didn’t like being fat by saying contradicting things like that. It’s okay to say, “I want to lose some weight because I didn’t like the way some parts of my body look.” She says she’s not selling out, yet she has tried to lose weight even way before the beauty queen contest. Just because she choose to lose weight years after her crowning of Miss Malaysia/Universe, doesn’t mean she didn’t “succumb to pressure to lose weight.” Because really, otherwise she couldn’t have got her acting and modelling gigs, could she?

Surely if it ain’t broken, why fix it?

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  1. Sounds like selling out to me. I actually preferred the before picture. The slimmer new her is too Anorexic Celene Dion like for my taste. But it is the game she chose to play in. And if you play in the beauty pageant game then you have to play by their rules. That is the way with any industry. To become part of the action you have to play the game and they set the rules that decide the pecking order. So to be on the top rungs of the ladder you have to be willing to sell a part of yourself if ladder climbing is your game of choice. But I am probably in the minority! Who knows, maybe ny Mr. Hyde side has a different position.

    sulz: exactly, she doesn’t look bad at all before! am not judging her choice of selling out, but am picking her out for not admitting that it is what it is. instead, she’s trying to make as if losing weight is about career opportunities. people never have to lose weight to get a job – it’s where you choose to venture that determines that, perhaps.

  2. [she’s trying to make as if losing weight is about career opportunities. people never have to lose weight to get a job – it’s where you choose to venture that determines that, perhaps.]

    In the entertainment and pageant business weight can be an issue. The choice female roles nearly always go to the anorexic babes. And the way things are going over here in the USA it may not be on the job requirement lists but body-beautiful might very well be needed to land a job. It is well known that the pharmaceutical industry already tends to look for the pretty face females and males to work as sales representatives to market their products to medical doctors. And though you will not get companies to admit it there is more than a small amount of the practice leaking out into the other areas of the workforce market. I even read on blogs and forums where some people were mocking people that had front of the house type jobs, political positions and other public faced jobs that did not look the part of the Ken and Barbie stick figures. There has even people on blogs suggesting that people not within government weight suggested guidelines should not be able to qualify for health insurance as it causes Insurance premium costs to rise. I am not a fan of smokers but there have been some companies that have actually fired people over their smoking habits. And not for smoking at work but fired for smoking at home. It seems the corporate stuffed shirts are trying to implement Ken and Barbie perfect people models as the ideal employees. There have been people have been fired for voicing their opinions on blogs, because companies worry about effects the person’s posted opinions might have on the company margin. And every time I turn around some leftwing fanatic group is voicing their idea that another food product should be banned. We just had the city of Chicago ban the selling of foie gras. Several cities have already started instituting bans on what types of fats restaurants can cook with. So it does not surprise me that someone looking to get into the entertainment industry would cave into the Barbie Doll ideology.

    sulz: so does your comment refute the above quote by self? because that sounds alarming – are employers trying to dictate how people must look like in order to secure a job?

  3. “instead, she’s trying to make as if losing weight is about career opportunities. people never have to lose weight to get a job – it’s where you choose to venture that determines that, perhaps”.

    For her, it’s obvious that losing weight has opened more doors (and potenially thus more opportunities) in her industry. It could have been a gentle word here, a subtle tip there, a hint that, oh, if she lost a few pounds she could do this and this and this…

    In some industries, (fashion, entertainment, sales to name just a few) if you have a few extra pounds you’ll probably find if you’re not told outright to lose them, positions and parts you want simply will not be offered to you. Whether we like it or not, that’s the way it is. For example, the great film going public isn’t interested in going to watch large people on screen – most of the time. They want nice slim hero’s and heroines. So nice slim people get the the parts. Same with advertising, modeling and even sales… so in many cases it’s driven by what the “paying public” apparently wants. even though I’m sure in many it wouldn’t be that hard to prove discimination. But if you’re an aspiring person trying to break into an industry, you don’t go about bringing discrimination claims unless you want your future there to be very short lived.

    On the other hand as you say there are some industries where your weight doesn’t matter. Finance, Technology, Law, Engineering….

    sulz: you’re right. to venture in the entertainment industry, you have to, as she terms it, “sell out”. but guess am trying to infer/speculate that the decision to lose weight is beyond career opportunities, as she can choose not to be in the entertainment industry – she’s studying law, isn’t she? true, she doesn’t have to work in the field she studied for, but if she chooses to work in the entertainment industry, she has to subscribe to their ideology of beauty and that in that way, she comes to embrace that ideology herself, which is something she is denying by stating she is not “selling out” or “succumbing”.

    the thing is, there’s nothing wrong in that! it’s called changing your mind, isn’t it?

  4. Yes there are have been situations where it has come up other than the entertainment industry. Though most of the movement is centered on people who smoke (the companies that have banned smokers also make current and future employees take medical tests to prove they do not smoke) but there has been some rumblings by extremists of trying to add overweight individuals to the same exorcising of employees and medical insurance availability.

    sulz: just to inform you have got your other comment in moderation, but there aren’t any links, so am going to leave it at spam. 😛

  5. 😦 Boo Hooo! That’s what happens when a computer illiterate like myself plays with html codes. Okay I will just give you the links and you can copy and paste if you want to view. I forewarn you they do not paint a pretty picture of corporate industry hiring practices.

    sulz: have read the article in the first link before when writing for a report on size discrimination (we get to choose the topic we want). can’t read the rest of the links – too long to load on dial-up! 😦

    they sure don’t paint pretty, but it’s important for awareness to those who might stumble upon this post through search engines; thanks.

  6. Sorry you are having trouble loading them, they really paint a mean spirited descrimination picture. I have dial-up also but they seem to load fast for me. Must be because you live on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean. 🙂 A place I visit when I get tired of hearing about celebrity glitz is “The Smoking Gun” It lets you see celebrities when they are not so fabulous! maybe they will load okay for you.

  7. @sulz – yes, in that case it could be called changing her mind – to which she’s entitled – though she seems to think she had to explain it. She could simply say that she now wants to lose weight. Or better still, say nothing and just get on with it.

    sulz: the last one works better. guess at the end of the day, it’s entirely her business.

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