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Yes she did, ages ago, but this post is for a contest.

Why I Started This Blog

1. Inclination to Writing
My best subject at school has always been, and still is, English. I naturally took to blogging like fish to water.

2. Effort to Improve Writing Skills
Since I am still studying English in college, blogging is another way to practise and develop my writing skills.

3. New Hobby to Cultivate
Blogging is now one of my hobbies besides reading, watching the tube and shopping.

4. Bored of Only Reading and Reading Only
I still love reading, but I don’t want to be a passive participant in my hobbies, and blogging is helping me establish my active side. I also didn’t want to be just reading blogs only, when I could be having one and having others read mine.

5. Outlet to Vent, Rant and Rave
My blog readers know how much emotional waste I deposit here; my blog’s like my emotional toilet. I don’t have friends I am particularly close to that I could reveal such a hidden side of me, so this is as close as I can get to a confidant.

6. Space for Trivial Ideas Generally Unsuitable for Phatic Tête-à-tête
I think a lot. That doesn’t make me a good thinker or philosopher, but I do think a lot nonetheless. Sometimes there are things that I think about that I feel is interesting enough to be discussed, but is so trivial that to even bring it up among classmates would illicit peculiar looks or an uninterested response. Blogging is the best place for such thinking.

7. Self-Exploration
Blogging is something so personal to me because it is a side, I realise, that never comes out otherwise. People who know me in real life would probably think my blogging persona is very extreme compared to my withdrawn, introverted personality. There are some similarities, of course, but I think that my blogging persona impresses more than my actual self.

8. Interact with People
As I’ve said, I’m quite the recluse. I take longer than most to warm up to people. Blogging is a way I get to interact with people around the world who are like-minded and are genuinely interested with my mind’s content without the awkwardness that comes with following social rules for shrinking violets like me.

9. Want to Belong in Some Semblance of a Community
I like belonging to WordPress. I am often participating in the Forums, helping out on support issues where and when I can. I like that the people there are generally friendly and polite if you are. I like that I am a regular and the other regulars recognise me and I them.

10. Syok Sendiri
That’s a Malay slang which means for my own pleasure. Truly, blogging brings such emotional dividends for me that more than half the time I am online on my trusty dial-up I am blogging or doing things to my blog. I don’t see myself ever quitting blogging.

Comments on: "Didn’t you already write a similar post like this?" (11)

  1. Ilya Lichtenstein said:

    Came to your blog from engtech’s contest. If I didn’t already write a totally different post for said contest, I would definitely voice many of those same reasons (Especially #6, heh)

    sulz: read your post before writing this, actually. funny, wasn’t that post about blogging too?

    indeed, no. 6 has got to be the reason most people blog. 😉 nothing is unsuitable in blogging.

    your odds are slowly diminishing, but they’re still odds! good luck!

  2. Hello, Thanks for the comment you posted on my blog earlier! Indeed you do write really well, english was never my strength. Every paper I get back from the profs are always something like this “you have great ideas, but your grammer robbed your paper” But I totally understand when you say you really like blogging. Hehe yes a hobbie.

    respond to number 10. I can’t see myself from quitting blogging either. lol, now, why would I? I def. need to update the world with my massive shopping sprees. I’m kidding. I should really stop shopping.

    sulz: thank you for the lovely compliment! really, there a lot better bloggers out there who put self to shame.

    hmm, nothing seems wrong grammatically from your comment here, you’re just being modest, aren’t you? 😉

  3. I really loved reading your post. Very beautifully written. Then again, as an English teacher, I love conciseness as much as I love the ability to abundantly use the many words available.

    sulz: wow, what a nice compliment, from a teacher at that! thank you. 😀 good luck on the contest!

  4. #3 New Hobby to Cultivate…suits me 😉
    Many thanks for visiting my humble site.
    Now, I need to give you a hug then click away to make my own personalize virtual library card.

    sulz: thanks likewise for the visit and hug! glad you liked the cute card generator.

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  6. […] Sulz: “I like belonging to WordPress. I am often participating in the Forums, helping out on support issues where and when I can. I like that the people there are generally friendly and polite if you are. I like that I am a regular and the other regulars recognise me and I them.” […]

  7. Hehehe, I remember commenting in this blog a couple of days ago. Today, though, I was trying to find out if it’s possible to post flash animations in wordpress and I ended up in engtech’s contest entry for some reason, and then I clicked on one of the contestants, and it was you again!

    I liked this entry, these are pretty much the reasons I blog too. 🙂

    sulz: yes you did comment. 🙂 muchos gracias!

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  9. Sulz, thank you for this beautifully thought-through and beautifully written account of your reasons for blogging. Your eloquent expression of your reasons resonates with me and mine, and evidently also with others as well. Validation of shared experiences like this post is one of the treasures to be made, found and shared in blogging. Thank you for your generosity in sharing yourself with us.

    • hi leaflittering

      thank you so much for taking time to read my postings in the past and for liking them. reading them again brings back fond memories of this hobby i used to cultivate. sadly, i lost the passion to blog since i started working. but i do try to post here once a month – if not for readers like you, at least for myself. 🙂 hope you’ll keep exploring the home that housed my previous thoughts!

  10. Dear Sulz, thank you for responding to my response. Sometimes blogging seems quite like time-travel (cf ‘the travelling now’ in Terry Pratchett’s book ‘I Shall Wear Midnight’. Hope your work’s going well for you. Hope you’re getting to use your elegant eloquence in your work. Leafooo

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