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Any advice?

She’s having a college dilemma. Well, it really shouldn’t be a dilemma, but the stress level caused by said dilemma is causing her to rethink her situation.

She is taking an elective language class. She picks the language up very easily as she has studied other Romance languages prior to taking up this Romance language. In short, this class is a guaranteed A.

The lecturer is giving her a headache (or you can say she is causing herself a headache by letting the lecturer get to her, which is perfectly arguable but beside the point). The lecturer, for some unfathomable reason, does not seem to like her. He would ask everybody a question in class except her. He does not do this every time, but it is sure to happen at every class at least once. She is very sure of that because he would ask one person and the next, and when he reaches her he would skip her and ask the next person. Perhaps it is because she is sitting at the corner of the class alone, but she isn’t exactly isolated as her friend is sitting right behind her.

He is also the lousiest foreign language lecturer she has ever had, and she has taken 4 language electives already with four different but friendly and good lecturers. He would teach the class something for the first time, and then five minutes later expects the whole class to know the answer immediately when he asks a question. This isn’t the problem for her; as said, she has no problems picking up the language. Then because of this teaching approach, he spends more time coaching the weaker students to answer his questions or conjugate verbs. Which really is perfectly okay with her, except that the lecturer gets so snippy when she talks to her friend (who also finds the language easy to learn)! They have finished their exercises, they understood the lesson, so what’s wrong with a little quiet chit-chat? Her friend is so close to her in spatial proximity that they can converse perfectly without disturbing the class with loud chatter. The lecturer has no patience in teaching at all. He loathes to repeat answers or whatever he has just said, and does not seem to like questions either. He does not wait for you to give the right answer, even though you have it at the tip of your tongue, but proceeds to ask the same question to the next person, until someone finally gives the right answer. He also practises favouritism, which is evident when he calls the names of certain students in class more than the others. Hell, he doesn’t even know her name, much less call upon it.

Perhaps she is letting the lecturer get to her, but this is the first time in her entire life of education that she is good at the subject but the lecturer is dismissing her! This is just frustrating and flummoxing to her. She dreads every class with him to the point that she is considering quitting the class. It is, after all, an elective.

Of course she is still undecided as of now, for quitting a class does not come without implications.

Pros & Cons of Quitting Class
Don’t have to face abominable lecturer Have to take extra credit next semester
Stress level more manageable GPA will drop as cannot quit the class per se, but rather quit the class as in just stop attending class
Feel happier and not oppressed Worry at the thought of suffering next semester
Don’t have to be paranoid that favouritism may affect her grade Agonise over her unconventional decision and wondering if it is the right thing to do, despite being adamant on the outside

That’s all she can think of at the moment.

Yes, there isalways the option of talking to the lecturer, but he is foreign and therefore may be more idiosyncratic than would expect. Talking to him may not solve the problem, but instead instigate a grudge between the two of them. He would dislike her for having issues with his teaching, and may be more biased in class, or worse, in marking the paper. Talking to him may mean a B instead of an A.

She has revealed her decision in this post

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  1. πŸ™‚ This is why we go to college – not all of the education has to do with books and taking notes, it also has to do with learning to get along with less than desirable people, and how to deal on our own with difficult situations.

    It’s nice to be able to walk away if there is no penalty. Real life also teaches us sometimes to just keep our head down, if we want the A. If the instructor REALLY doesn’t like her, however, would less than an A hurt her grade point average?

    sulz: hmm, point taken very well. of course less than an a would hurt the gpa, but also it’s the indignance of knowing that she is giving answers that is a material, but because of his biasness she does not get it.

    then again, am not entirely an a-seeker, because am seriously contemplating quitting the class even if it means hurting the gpa.

    still undecided, though. your comment will definitely weigh in the final decision, thanks for pointing out a perspective have missed.

  2. Off topic: I read a lot of people from the forums and find to click their links and see other bloggers what themes they are using. Looking at your sidebar, it made me smile with your “digital hugs”. I thought that was cute, so clicked on it.

    sulz: hmm, why are you so interested in what themes people are using? hehe, thanks for the hug!

  3. lovelyloey said:

    It sucks when you let a teacher get to you. But isn’t it a little late to quit the class now? Anyway, since you’re doing fine, and not relying on the lecturer too much, I’d say stick on with it and ignore him. So what if he doesn’t ask you questions; just attend class and self-learn in the background. That’s what I did for my French the previous semester.

    sulz: you’re right, it is, that’s why the gpa will suffer if quit class. should have listened to self’s heart; was tossing between taking a subject personally want to learn with this horrible lecturer or an easy grammar class but not much interest in it. 😦 so regret, feel like. and the thing is, he does ask self questions, just when have given up on being asked and when am being asked, would be caught unprepared and made to look like an idiot, which am not.

    you don’t like your french lecturer? self’s one was lazy, but he was good.

  4. It is my opinion that the lecturer is one who operates on pure ego to fill a void in his own incompetencies. Perhaps he is aware of your child’s intelligence and finds this quite threatening; therefore dismisses her as a manner to remain in control. If her grades reflect her efforts; I would advise that she remains in class; however if her grades do not reflect her efforts I would advise that she drops.

    sulz: whose child? am talking about self, actually. πŸ˜› final grade would only be known after the semester is over and exam is taken, so by that time it would be too late if lecturer is really as biased as thought…

    thank you for your two cents. πŸ™‚

  5. I also had a lecturer in mandarin who operated similar to this. Stick with it. If you ace the written parts of the exam then a poor oral grade (which is subjective) would be too obvious for him to give you, if there is favouritism.

    It may be that because you have picked up the language so quickly he feels you don’t need the extra questions. But I would stop speaking while he is coaching the other students, speaking as a teacher now, it can be really distracting. Try pre-learning the words/phrases from the next chapter instead.

    sulz: so am self being discriminated by lecturer for being relatively smarter? this is precious… friend and self have taken to writing notes in class instead of talking; win-win solution!

    thank you for your advice.

  6. timethief said:

    Suppose the instructor is actually in-secure and lacking confidence in his own teaching skills. If so then the brighter students may actually intimidate him and that means they may not bring out his best but instead trigger his worst.

    I agree that you should hang in there and keep your head down. By showing some restraint instead of chatting with your friend in class he may even begin to develop a different attitude towards you. By actually helping a less bright student he may view you as being a friend rather than someone to ignore.

    I also agree that school situations are important testing grounds to help your learn how to deal with the difficult people your are bound to have to put up with in the working world. Rather than looking at this situation as though it’s hopeless you could choose to view it as a riddle worth solving.
    Whatever you choose to do you have my best wishes. πŸ™‚

    sulz: thank you for your advice and wishes. it might be a little late though as have already come to a decision. will elaborate in a post soon.

  7. […] I cried as if somebody I know had died. I cried so hard that I didn’t know exactly why I was crying. I think I was crying because I felt victimised. Because I made a fool of myself crying in class. Because I upsetted my lecturer. Because I am somehow always messed up when it comes to difficult lecturers. […]

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