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Just got back from dinner from Tony Roma’s with Angel and Sesat. Angel has been working there as a server, so she treated us before she quits her job next week. Had some grilled chicken breasts with some really cheesy spinach sauce that made self felt quite sick halfway through the meal because it was too cheesy for self (it was heavenly though). Sesat had burger, Angel the restaurant’s signature ribs (except that it’s beef ribs because we’re in Malaysia, otherwise it’ll be pork elsewhere).

Of course the food was great, it being our first time there (Angel got to sample all the food in the menu during her training as a server there, but that doesn’t count). But today was somehow an extra special day for us three. The conversation was by no means enlightening or profound, but we really just enjoyed ourselves. Perhaps the food had something to do with it – we stuffed ourselves silly literally, for we were laughing our heads off at the littlest things. We ended our dinner with ice-cream at Baskin Robbins, self’s treat (with the little coupons that gave us an extra scoop for free for extra value).

Before dinner was shopping again as usual, but this time it’s Angel who wanted to do so for her staff party – theme is gold and silver. Managed to convince Angel to buy this cutesy black and white floral tube dress instead of another hideous black and white dress with really awful abstract print! She later texted to say how much she love her dress. Heh, of course la, how can self not acquire any taste after all those shopping trips with Angel? For self, bought a black A-line skirt, a pair of white, glittery earring hoops, some Chinese New Year cards and a notebook (it has cow print, couldn’t resist 😦 ).

Thank you soooooooo much Angel for the dinner (RM120 altogether! Couldn’t have bear to spend an amount like that even on the two closest friends have – maybe when start working)! Thank you Angel and Sesat for your wonderful company that have totally forgotten the bad day was having at class until am writing this post.

Comments on: "Old is gold when it comes to friends, isn’t it?" (1)

  1. sounds like a great way to spend an evening. Don’t do anything rash about your class…

    sulz: it was! whether it was rash or otherwise, you can decide. should be posting about that tomorrow.

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