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So, what’s your decision?

Read the prequel of this dilemma

The lecturer has resorted to victimising her in class. He clearly treats the other students equally well but her. If she switches seats to the back of the class, she would be called out because he wants to be able to see all his students and not have anyone hiding behind, while the fact is that he barely notices her existence in the front row. If she and her friend are talking (about the class exercise and not anything irrelevant), she gets called upon but not her friend (because her friend is the lecturer’s pet). She gets threatened to be seated elsewhere so that she won’t be able to talk to her friend. Before this, he mockingly told her that if she feels she is so smart she doesn’t have to come to class, just stay for the lesson and leave when they’re doing exercises so she doesn’t have to bother the rest of the class with her chatter.

Come on lah, is this primary school or something? Why are you being so fucking dictatorial? We were NOT talking shop, we were doing your bloody work together!

It’s one thing to dislike a lecturer as a class collectively as was the case before, but when the lecturer and you mutually dislike each other and both are not afraid to show it, it becomes a private battle in what should be a professional setting.

Of all the comments received in the previous post, every single one has urged her to continue the class. But like hell am going to stand being singled out for every little thing that annoys the sight of him.


If the decision disappoints you, dear reader, sorry for failing the test of getting along with difficult people, or the test of perseverance. It’s not in self’s nature to be bullied, or to continue allowing it. If you think am making a lame justification, on one hand it could be, on the other it could not. There’s always two sides to a coin and since can’t please everybody, the side of the coin have to please is self’s side.

There’s a possibility GPA may not be compromised by quitting class. May be able to pay a fine to unregister from taking the exam, thus GPA will only count the other registered subjects.

If that fails, it’s okay. Am willing to forfeit a good GPA – haven’t self been always trying to remind self that grades shouldn’t be placed on a pedestal? Am not willing to compromise self’s beliefs for the sake of getting two measly credits and endure discrimination for four hours a week. Edit: it really is possible to drop a subject after verifying it! The penalty costs about RM100. Am going to do it this Monday.

She is quitting her language class.

Comments on: "So, what’s your decision?" (7)

  1. timethief said:

    I respect your right to make your own decision. Something is confusing and disturbing me.

    I believe in your other post on this lecturer you said he didn’t like you and demonstrated this because he did not ask you to answer questions. In other words, I thought you conveyed that he ignored you .

    If that’s so then where did this statement come from?

    It’s not in self’s nature to be bullied, or to continue allowing it.

    (1) How would an instructor failing to ask you questions make him a “bully”.

    (2) How would choosing to ignore you rather than asking you to leave when you were chatting with your friend in his class make him a “bully”.

    I admit I just don’t get it.

    sulz: he ignores most of the time; when he chooses to acknowledge self’s presence it is then he seems to be picking on self.

    don’t think it is fair to be asked to leave the class for chatting, because am sure am not the only one doing it in class. there were plenty who were doing it too, only it is not as obvious as self because am sitting a row in front of friend, while other classmates were chatting with friends next to each other.

  2. timethief said:


    You gave said this in capitals as though you are shouting:


    I’ve got to say that it doesn’t sound to me like you were being victimized by the instructor at all.

    In fact it sounds like this instructor has become the victim of your contempt and wrath for not drawing attention to you and your superior language skills and allowing you to impress your classmates with answers to questions.

    It sounds like you have created a “straw dog” argument to justify leaving this class.

    sulz: you have totally misconstrued the meaning. he does not like self because he thinks am rebellious for discussing the exercises with friend, and annoying for asking explanations when he was confusing.

    when he does deign to call upon self to answer questions, the answers given by self are usually dumbed down. am not looking to show off, am looking to not stick out like a sore thumb because he ignores self or pick on self at his whim and fancy.

  3. timethief said:

    Ahhh … I can see more clearly now.

    And just imagine how clearly I’ll see when I can buy my glasses. he..he.

    The frames are IMO very nice Calvin Klein’s. I suppose it will take sometime to get used to them but it can’t be worse than what I’m coping with now.

    Best wishes

    sulz: what? that’s it? was expecting more “elderly advice”… 😛

  4. I had a lecturer in college who practically failed the people he didn’t like in 1 class (not mine) in Accounting because the students were complaining straight to his face about his mistakes and his method of teaching (punishment like pulling ears, pumping). Later, the students complained to the Head Lecturer and everyone had to resit.

    This lecturer even called me “smart alec” for asking him for further explaination because I didn’t agree with his answer. He had the gall to say his answer was right and the author of a famous Accounting book was wrong. LOL.

    Favouritisme is always around. We have to find ways to beat it (or around it). Sometimes we get lucky and have a fair lecturer. Which shouldn’t be – it shouldn’t depend on luck. Ideally.

    sulz: of course favouritism happens, with any lecturer really. have been on the good sides and bad sides of some. guess am just adding it to her list of flaws as part of self’s biasness towards her.

  5. It sounds like you wanted your lecturer to ask you questions, like he asks your classmates but you place a lot of importance on telling the correct answer.

    It’s a class, where you learn new things and learn from mistakes. I think you should stick to the class but I guessed you had made your decision..

    sulz: that’s not what am looking for, am looking to be treated like the rest of the class instead of being the only one subtly ignored. that was the biggest issue in this class for self.

    yes, mind has been made up. if were to stick to the class, would only be doing it for extrinsic motivations (ie. the support of commenters like you), would not be doing for self or the sake of learning. which makes the act rather meaningless to self, but perhaps others have better tolerance.

  6. Bridgette Bardot, huh? Sounds perfect for you.

    sulz: haha, why are you replying self’s comment in your blog here? you should reply there, can track it with the ‘my comments’ feature. now people are going to think nonsense with your comment. -_-

    and no, it’s so far from what self am, truly!

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