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First off: she loves Harry Potter, truly she does.

But she just wants to tear her hair off at the ridiculous amount of posts dedicated to the release date of the last Harry Potter novel and the absolute latest news being the graffitied bust J. K. Rowling left at the Ednburgh hotel to record the date and place of the completion of her novel, apparently interpreted as a clue to the fate of one of the characters in the last book by her obsessed fans.

She is terrifically flummoxed as to why people are just obsessed, plain obsessed about every little news that has the names Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe or J. K. Rowling in it. Sure, they’re very newsworthy and hitworthy too in the blogosphere, but if they’re so obsessed in the first place, you’d think these bloggers would provide more than an insipid, unoriginal method of cut, copy and paste of the news in their posts. She’s not against copying and pasting news, she does it too – but the point is that these news are so common that it’s pointless to replicate news articles of them (because people are most likely to have read them in the papers themselves) when you can offer your own original opinion and insight of it.

The imbecility of hitwhores sometimes.

(Yes, she’s very grumpy today. Chances of being hypocritical in the above rant is highly likely. Please bare bear with her. *snort*)

Comments on: "Can you humour her irrational Harry Potter rant of the day?" (3)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    Somehow they think the more they say “Don’t let Harry die!” or “Let Harry be with Ginny” JK might hear it and write it in. Bizarre fangirls.

    sulz: too little too late, because she did complete the novel, what, 11 january or something. fan not only girls la, got fanboys also, lol.

    but really la, would like a nice happy ending. don’t kill harry for the sake of pleasing critics!

  2. LOL, I have never read a Harry Potter book or watched a Harry Potter movie. I can remember being restless betwen Star Wars and Star Trek movies, but I do not remember running around like a crazy person as do some fans. I still get a kick out of movie fans who attend the movies dressed up in the costume of their favorite character of a movie. But that us their thing not mine. 🙂

    sulz: well, people like us just cannot muster that much enthusiasm for something, perhaps. we must be very unpassionate people. uhhuh.

  3. lovelyloey said:

    *meekly* I woke up at 6am to go queue for Harry Potter book 6 (which I reserved months in advance) 😛

    sulz: you mean when it first came out? actually, the less fanatic hp fans need people like you so they can borrow the book after you’re done with it. 😛

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