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People actually think about her! Okay, one person in particular – Collin. A thread with her name in it! Thank you for that, Collin. 😀

Which is why have left a certain football forum last year. This might be news to you but yes, she likes watching football. She likes Manchester United, and her favourite players were David Beckham and Ruud van Nistelrooy; she now likes her fellow nineteen eighty-fivers Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. (Scoff at her choice of favourite players if you wish, but they were not successful for nothing.)

At said football forum, the atmosphere is exactly the same as it would in a pub (or at least, she imagines that’s what people usually talk about in pubs). She doesn’t even drink, much less go to a pub or bar. It was fun reading all the bullshit the guys sometimes come up with, but the rudeness was just too much. A lot of the guys were also condescending to her just because she participates entirely in the off-topic forum and not where the really pertinent football discussions are held. (It may be called off-topic, but there were plenty of football-related threads in there anyway.) She wasn’t really there to participate in the football talk, but to learn more about football and make some football fanatic friends at the same time, but guess her status as a credible participant depends on how much football knowledge she can spew.

In our dear WordPress forums, it’s perfectly fine if your blogging knowledge is less than zero. It’s okay if you gave the wrong advice; someone else will give the correct one and not belittle you for misunderstanding the question of the thread. Politeness is extremely important here, and the regulars are friendly and encouraging to newbies, especially the ones who ask nicely. If you’re rude, expect to get a snarky reply in return, but if you’re willing to extend the hand of friendship, it will be shaken warmly.

Don’t think it’s all cookies and milk in the forums. There are the occasional dramatic threads, and she just relishes the live action when they come!

If you’re a WordPresser and looking for friends, do join the forums. We’re a really diverse bunch of regulars who would love to meet more people to enlarge our circle of diversity. (*whispers* You won’t believe the number of hits accumulated over the year since she joined the forums too.)

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Comments on: "Why did the WordPress forums made your day today?" (2)

  1. 😉

    Thankfully the rude people are few and far between. Although we do seem to have had a fair share of boors just recently…

    sulz: we may dislike them, but they sure spice things up around here haha.

  2. Hey, Collin is not the only one who thinks about you, littleone. 🙂

    sulz: hence why the first two sentences were written as such. of course you’re one of those people!

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