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Yesterday went to watch Run Lola Run with a classmate at a local public university because one of its faculty organised a German Film Week. This is the first foreign film have watched, if one doesn’t count the foreign films caught on the boob tube. Though technically, this isn’t even watched at the movies, as the movie was shown over the projector. It was a good movie – short and entertaining. Loved the ending. She remembered the good reviews for it, hence the reason why she went to watch it. Her friend enjoys watching foreign films; it’s nice to know that, so now they can watch all the foreign films together, especially the French ones that only she wants to go and none of her other friends do.


Malaysian students are a weird lot. While watching Run Lola Run, they were laughing at the so not funny bits, like this scene where the police shot Lola, and when the camera shows the shocked face of the policeman, apparently that was funny! How they laughed, as if this was a comedy rather than some really artsy foreign film! Like killing someone unintentionally is as hilarious as a person slipping on a banana skin! And when Lola pointed the gun at her father, who was like a bank manager or something, while dragging him to get money she desperately needed, APPARENTLY it’s hilarious to see a daughter dragging her father while pointing a gun to his neck!! How can these bozos not appreciate the intensity of the situation?! She was trading flummoxed looks with her classmate, Miss Z while the whole hall was filled with inappropriate laughter. (Thankfully, Miss Z did not laugh. She’d have not want to watch foreign films with her anymore.)

She begins to wonder if her sense of humour has been desensitised by watching so many sitcoms or that those students’ sense of humour are seriously warped and childish.

Comments on: "Are we supposed to laugh at this bit in the movie?" (6)

  1. i’m going to go with warped and childish, but then, it’s one of my favorite films of all time.

    have you ever seen the princess and the warrior? same director, same actress. interesting, but not on the same level.

    sulz: glad to hear am not the only few thinking this way! it is a really good movie too, love how the soundtrack was so edgy and essential to the excitement of the film.

    nope, is that a foreign film too? suddenly a whole world of wonderful films is opening to self. must not discriminate against foreign films anymore! (because prior to this was afraid will not enjoy watching foreign films.)

  2. same here with the “warped and childish” part.

    sulz: did you watch this film too? if you haven’t, please do. it isn’t self’s favourite movie, but kudos to it for such a refreshing take on films.

  3. It would seem funny if you’re watching the movie as a time pass thing and you aren’t totally caught up in the drama and the desperation… Coming to the point, especially since it’s Run Lola Run… Warped and Childish!!!!

    sulz: exactly, exactly!! word!

  4. I have not seen the movie. But it does get a high rating by voters of the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB). There seems to be a few low ratings but has and 8.1 out of 10.0 point maximum rating among the site viewers who took the time to rate it.

    sulz: because it really is good! please watch it, it took self this long to realise how truly good it really is. those students in the lecture hall with self just cannot appreciate a good film, finding totally wrong things to be amused at for cheap laughs. ugh.

  5. yeah, it’s all the same people, so it’s also German 😀

  6. lovelyloey said:

    I can never understand why some of my friends laugh at certain things either. Sometimes it’s not even marginally funny.
    Maybe it’s just that I hate slapstick humour (like Borat).

    sulz: self’s friends are not as bad as these people described, though they do do it too at times. slapstick can be funny, but these people are laughing at something not meant to be comical and that just makes self absolutely flabbergasted!

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