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1. Bloggers who don’t reply to their commenters. She likens this to going into someone’s house, greeting the owner and getting a blank stare in return. One can argue that nobody invited her into the house, but when your house is public must invitations be issued to be granted a greeting? Even you would treat an uninvited guest as a party as graciously as possible because it’s just rude not to.

2. Commenters who get peeved to your controversial posts and proceed to slam you like you’ve insulted their grandmothers’ handbags. There is such a thing as civilized disagreement you know, you virtual Neanderthal.

3. Idiots who jump in the blogging bandwagon because everybody’s doing it, but are not committed to it. She’s probably described 90% of Friendster “bloggers” – to find substance in blogs there is like looking for the elusive Philosopher’s Stone.

4. Bloggers who put absolutely ridiculous titles in the hopes of getting some cheap hits, and doofuses like her who fell for those sensational titles hook, line and sinker get disappointed when the title has absolutely nothing to do with the contents of the post whatsoever.

5. Bloggers who use the abominable “txt spk”. Or WriTe iN tHiS sTupId WaY, LiKe tHeY HaVen’T QuiTe GrADuaTeD fRoM KinDerGartEn. You get a lot of this by Friendster “bloggers”. (Admittedly, she used to commit this ghastly punctuation crime, but she was 14, and it was the age before blogging, and she’s fervently repenting now – her blog is quite proof of that! Hopefully you can look past her rather lazy habit of not using caps when she replies her commenters.)

She’s running really low on WordPress juice. Help her out, will you? What’s your blogging pet peeve?

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  1. hi sulz,
    long time, was away.
    my blogging pet peeve would be bloggers who say what has already been said a hundred times and get picked up by the big link blogs just because of reputation.
    maybe i will post on this hmmm.
    while you are low on ideas lets see if you can do this; write a post that describeson day in as much detail as you can, envisioning yourself when you are forty(or fifty, whenever you think will be the “peak” of your life. from getting up to going to sleep. i will be doing this, consider this an intelligent meme:-)

    sulz: ah, who doesn’t hate a person who get credit because of who he knows and not what he knows? ๐Ÿ™‚

    that’s a real challenge you put out there! it requires much much more imagination than intelligence, really, and imagining is something am not so bad at. you’re on!

    and welcome back!

  2. re #1: for the most part, i try to respond to all comments. i used to make a hard and fast rule of it, but i’ve received too many stupid or fluff comments. i’ve given up. given how often people people wander in and wander back out of the house without a greeting, it’s hard to continue to play the gracious host.

    otherwise, i’m in perfect agreement.

    sulz: totally understand that, but was thinking in context of self’s comments and would like to think am not one of those who write ahem, “stupid or fluff comments”! and yes, it is rather difficult to reply to those kind of comments.

    well, it is an open house, perhaps they don’t greet because the host looks busy with their other guests who actually greet. that’s how self feel sometimes in new, unfamiliar blogs.

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  4. one and five are at the top of my list.

    sulz: and what’s at the bottom of that list then? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. well, it’s a small list. ๐Ÿ™‚ one and five of yours and commenters who right an entire article as a comment. if your that serious about your reply post something on your own blog and comment me with a link to it. jeeze. but I am fairly new to blogging so i’m sure my list will grow in time.

    sulz: an entire article as a comment? do you literally mean they put articles in the comment as response to your post, or write really really long comments?

    but either way, they’re pretty urm, long-winded… it can be a bit of a bore sometimes, reading those. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Uhm… blogging peeves? Yeah, I would say the OnEs tHaT loOk lIkE that would be on the top of the list… although, I always wondered why anyone would be patient enough to type anything out like that. I also don’t like blog posts that intentionally go after someone to gain traffic. It’s inane.

    sulz: how can one not be patient about typing like that? look at the aesthetic value! ๐Ÿ˜†

    you mean like blog wars? inane, but fascinating nonetheless.

  7. I try to reply to all comments, but if another reader has said something already to that point or the comment is self-explanatory I generally don’t repeat it or don’t need to reply.
    Pet peeves.. people that don’t stay on point. Luckily I don’t get that very often, most of my commentators stay on point. People that complain that “the comment is too long…”

    I look at it like this…if you don’t have words on your blog to say that you should keep your comment to 10 words only – then don’t complain if someone leaves a long comment, particularly if you’ve written a long post. Be grateful they’ve even bothered to leave a comment…

    If someone has taken the time to comment on my blog, (and it isn’t off topic or rude) I consider that a compliment. There are many more blurkers (blog lurkers) than commentators ๐Ÿ™‚ Once someone told me my comment on their blog was “too long”.. Fine by me – I never went back to their blog. Ever. I figured they didn’t need my comment. I went to spend my time on someone else’s blog instead.

    sulz: good point re long comments, but perhaps the reason the comment may be long is due to the fact that half of it doesn’t stay on point. what and how exactly is the part of the comment on point or otherwise can be pretty debatable. generally, like you am happy enough receiving comments long or short, just as long as they don’t expect self’s reply to equal their amount of words!

  8. No, the reason isn’t because the comment isn’t on point. It’s because the comment is long. That’s all. Because a comment is long does not mean that it isn’t on point. But like I say, it matters little. There are too many other blogs out there that I’d like to comment on (had I only the time ) to waste my time on that kind of blog.

    sulz: oh, was saying that in general, wasn’t referring to your case in particular. though what you explain can be the case re long comments, of course.

  9. Well this hadn’t happened to me until recently, but asswipes who steal your posts, repost them on their phony-really-trying-to-earn-money-with-ads-blogs because they’re too stupid to create their own content.

    But yeah.. your list is pretty universal I think. I can’t imagine not being annoyed by the things on your list.

    sulz: ah, the bane of sploggers! have not encountered this yet; either self’s posts are too lousy or sploggers have yet to come across this blog.

  10. really don’t think I can contribute anything more to the list… nice post though. linking to it… I agree with all the above commentors as well… feeling kinda brain-dead… So can’t think. Oh! I remember… I don’t like spamming idiots who comment on your blog, giving fake compliments and providing links to well… More Spam!

    sulz: thanks a bunch for the link, you’re such a generous linker! of course you’d be brain dead after your exams, yea? have no such problems as a wordpresser because akismet is the best spam catcher in the world!

  11. you know what, nevermind. you’re totally right.

    it’s mildly annoying when i leave a comment and there’s no reply.

    it’s super annoying when there’s page after page of discussion and no replies from the author. why bother having a comment form if you’re not going to participate?

    sulz: haha, et tu, brutus? that is the worst form of blog snobbery, when they’d reply to others except you, and it’s your first time commenting there. either they’re undeliberate snobs or they just couldn’t see your comment because their big high noses are blocking the screens where your comments are.

  12. I love comments! I wish more people left them on my blog.

    I kind of find it frustrating/amusing when people try to copy what I do. I also had someone come to me about a month ago and offer to link to my blog, only they were very magnanimous about it, like they were doing me a favour, then offered to “host” my posts on their blog (translation: blogscrape). I had 60+ links to my site, according to Technorati; they got about as many hits in two months as Bridlepath gets on a slow day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Step off, lady!

    sulz: same here, there can never be too many comments! … well, too many good comments, that is. ๐Ÿ˜›

    at least they were polite enough to “offer” ๐Ÿ˜† ! and thankfully their blog doesn’t have the appeal as yours.

  13. “Idiots who jump in the blogging bandwagon because everybodyโ€™s doing it, but are not committed to it. Sheโ€™s probably described 90% of Friendster โ€œbloggersโ€ – to find substance in blogs there is like looking for the elusive Philosopherโ€™s Stone.”

    As you say this …. I might say to myself as an idiot. Do you agree? But I don’t think any idiot will touch computer, though!

    sulz: i don’t get your comment, is there a typo somewhere? i think we have different ideas of what an idiot is. at that moment of writing, my idea of an idiot is not of that of yours.

  14. As I have just begun my first blog, I cannot say that I have any peeves yet. Although I can see the annoyances in the above listed.

    sulz: oh, don’t worry, you will develop your own blogging peeves in due time! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  16. I think I’m guilty of number 1.

    sulz: we’re all guilty of something or another, really, lol! what’s important is if you’re okay with that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. all of these peeve me !

    sulz: you too huh? ๐Ÿ˜†

  18. Hi, Sulz! Great post!

    My biggest peeve is when people have read a post and DON’T comment or neglect to rate the post. Sniff, sniff. I understand a person may only choose to comment if he/she is moved enough by what was read or has something specific to contribute, but as to the star ratings–and with my being a WordPress newbie–I’d really like to see some ratings on my blog status report. How do I know how my material is being received, beyond an ocassional comment, that is.

    BTW, I love long comments and commenters are likely to get a lengthy in return. Haha. Besides, my commenters usually stay on topic and even if they don’t, what they have to say is heartfelt and interesting.

    sulz: hi penny, sorry for the late reply! i hope you read this… anyway, that’s really quite normal in blogging. you don’t actually know who has read your writing or how moved they are by it. there are some who can be so moved by your words but they won’t comment and you won’t know. there are some who leave comments that don’t exactly make you feel appreciated. but comments are like publicity – any kind is good! it shows, in a way, that you are being read and what you said struck a chord somewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. PS, your black ‘n white header is FABULOUS! (Sorry if that’s off topic, heehee)

    sulz: i don’t mind ot stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ i got it from some wallpaper. the whole b&w theme is to reflect the deadness of this place currently as i’m on a month-long blogging break. i’m not sure if i will resume normal blogging in september, though.

  20. My blogging pet peeve would be number 1… But maybe because this blogger is super popular… So he thinks that it wouldn’t matter if he replies or not… He just wants to have a word on everything… I think….

  21. Funny post. I like it.
    What I hate is when people come to visit and don’t comment.
    It is like someone coming over to your house, sitting on your couch drinking your water, and then getting up and leaving without saying a word.
    I’ve had almost 500 visitors in 4-5 weeks of my blog existing and had 24 total comments half of which were from me reaching out to those who were kind enough to leave comments whether I agreed with them or not.
    I think people coming in to looky lew and not say anything is more annoying than people not responding to your comments.

  22. My number one blogging pet peeve would have to be a one word/line responses.
    As far as what to blog next… why not talk about your favorite television program as a child, and what you think you have acquired from it (i.e. Popeye influenced children to eat more spinach, Bugs Bunny influenced children to eat more carrots, etc…), or your thoughts about it presently?

  23. Devon Begg said:

    I’m still relatively new to blogging, so I don’t have many pet peeves yet. I mostly read this post to make sure that I am not one of the offenders!! haha.

  24. actually, scratch that. I don’t like it when my comments on a blog don’t receive a reply, especially if the poster above me or below me got a reply! Thanks for completely ignoring me and my relevant question!! [/rant]

  25. #5! Major pet peeve! Not just in blogging world but generally ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. midaevalmaiden said:

    Hiya Sulz! Ive been seeing your avatar almost every 3rd day for the past few months since I post regulary in the thread you started called “what did you post in your blog today?”

    So I figured it was about time I clicked into you. This is a good topic. And your reply to Adam touches my pet peave. Im still new so when sometimes I find everyone else but me gets a comment reply, it really cuts deep. Im sure its an oversight but im too insecure to find out. Then I don’t comment twice.

    • hey there, thanks for commenting. gosh, that felt like a lifetime ago – i used to be very active at that section of the forums.

      previously, i thought it was snobby for a blogger to pick and select commenters to reply to. now i find i am doing the same thing! this is simply because this blog is no longer my number one passion and so i only reply to comments when i feel like it. your comment provoked that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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