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If you think this post in more rambling than usual, it’s because am drained after returning from a very unsuccessful retail therapy session, but cannot resist entering another contest, of which the winners are randomly selected so it doesn’t even have to make sense. She probably won’t win, but it’s worth a few hits at least.

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Can’t Read //engtech

1. Super High-Tech Sidebar
The CSS-modified (right?) blog has a sidebar that can give me a headache if I attempt to use it. On top of the usual but rather long sidebar, it is equipped with another sidebar, the Quick Jump, to complement the main sidebar! What is a calculator doing at the sidebar of the sidebar? What’s the difference between the home / articles / opinion / blogging page? What’s the difference between major and minor categories? Oh, sod it. *clicks the x on the tab of her Firefox browser* It is probably very user-friendly for his fellow high-tech geeks (she regards geeks as that lovable bunch of people who help her solve her blogging troubleshooting over at the WordPress forums, so it’s meant as a compliment) but for this smallish, inconsequential blogger, it intimidates the hell out of her, that sidebar.

2. Intellect of a Different Kind (and Level)
I mean, look at the featured posts in the sidebar. How NOT to be a Successful Blogger – that just sounds like he had had to be successful to know of ways to not be a successful blogger; because if you follow that rather nonsensical train of thought, a person who has not been a successful blogger would not know for sure what ways one must do in order not to be a successful blogger. Only a successful blogger like engtech would know exactly what works, or in the case of that post, what doesn’t work. (Are you at that stage between confused and confounded? Never mind, it’s just proof that engtech is truly of a different intellect than this long-winded rambling idiot of a blogger.) And in order to be successful one has got to be… wait a minute. There are plenty of stupid people who are successful in life. Never mind, just further proof of the wide chasm between the level of our intellects. How can I read a blog that makes me feel stupid?

3. No Common Interest
This is so obvious. I mean, just compare our categories. engtech has, what? Blogging, Documentation, Freeware, Gadgets, Greasemonkey (I don’t know what this is exactly but I can bet that the more silly the name sounds, the more high-tech and complicated it really is than what the name connotates). What do I have? Family, Friends, Random, Rants, School, Shopping. He created fantastic, mind-boggling tables that compare the blog themes and their features. I wrote about fashion faux pas and fashion tips for fat girls.

4. Difference in Sex
Just an expansion of the previous reason. We are at the opposite ends of everything, from blogging to intellect to interests, right down to our sex. If engtech were female he could probably relate better to my shopping frivolities and bitching and personal campaign to fat/self acceptance, and if I were male I could probably understand the techie posts in his blog. But he’s not female and I’m not male. Is it any wonder that I can’t read //engtech? Look at his username, engtech, what’s that really? A profound blending of the word engineering and technology? And my username, sulz? What’s that? Just an affectionate nickname coined by a friend. -_-

5. He Likes Cats
And I don’t.

Comments on: "Why can’t you read this blog?" (7)

  1. Sulz, thank you for the constructive feedback.

  2. So I’ve made some changes based on what you’ve said. I find that by being very techie it’s actually a bit of a handicap because I make things more complicated than they need to be.

    Sidebar’s sidebar – gone.

    Top bar:

    short – summaries
    long – full posts
    on blogging – posts about blogging
    comic – my web comic
    links – links to other sites

    sulz: hey, that was really just one person’s opinion, wasn’t really offering constructive feedback per se, it was actually done tongue-in-cheek in reply to another contestant who wrote 5 reasons why you should real //engtech. 😛 but thank you for not being offended and taking it constructively. and really really like the new look now, so simple! particularly like the new tagline too. 😉

  3. […] “5 Reasons why I can’t read engtech” by sulz (Save this post at […]

  4. 🙂 nice idea

    sulz: haha, thank you. nice ideas don’t necessarily win though ‘cos it’s all random, but am fine with that.

    did you enter the contest? can’t find your name in the list…

  5. tongue in cheek it may be, but indeed…that’s one way to get results…great job, sulz. 😉

    sulz: thanks, 🙂 but as told michael, it’s a random contest so content doesn’t exactly count. but it sure helps pull in the hits, as evident by both of you commenting!

  6. […] “5 Reasons why I can’t read engtech” by sulz (Save this post at […]

  7. Engtech was the one who brought me to your blog! I remember!

    sulz: oh, you read engtech? i haven’t been to his blog in ages… not since he’s left and went self-hosted.

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