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How was your first kiss like?

This is probably one of the most romantic first kiss stories you’ll ever read.

She is sitting on the staircase at one of the lower floors in the shopping mall. It was those sort of emergency stairwell, nobody passed through unless they couldn’t find an escalator or elevator. He is chivalrously squatting in front of her. They talked for a bit. Then he kissed her forehead, then her nose, then her left cheek, then her right… No, she caught his lips with hers in the middle of his romantic traverse. It was their first kiss (at least he claimed it was); they typically knocked teeths before they settle into a rhythm. They kissed for a very long time, considering it was their first.

Told you it was romantic.


How was yours?

Note: she felt suitably grossed writing that; she wonders how romance writers write their sexy bits without feeling bashful. Goosebumps have yet to go away. *shiver*

Comments on: "How was your first kiss like?" (8)

  1. this from personal experience or an M&B? ;-)…

    sulz: what’s m & b? of course it’s personal la! if it weren’t, it would definitely be more romantic than that!

    and you’re supposed to answer the question…

  2. Bugger. Nowhere near that good. On the steps, after prom, with every neighbor on the block peering out their window. I honestly can’t say how it was, because I was so selfconscious and desperate to get inside. If I’d been smart I’d have invited him in as well (my mother and sister having gone to bed early, soas to leave the main floor open for the girl with the Big Date).

    By the way, if you mention this in the comments section on my blog, I will deny it.

    sulz: how nice to see you here! indeed, yours was terribly typical. 😉 oh, you’d never have gotten away, as if they were really asleep!

    will keep mum, then.

  3. I don’t think I should mention anything about my first kiss… Personal reasons. M & B is Mills and Boon… 🙂

    sulz: alright, it’s your first kiss, after all.

  4. Awwww.


    (warning: incredibly non romantic)

    Person from music school doesn’t know her name, she doesn’t know his, but he offers to go with her to the bus stop because they have been talking a bit out of boredom. They don’t particularly like each other but they’re bored. She has never had a kiss at the age of fifteen, so when he tries to kiss her she doesn’t stop him, out of curiosity. It is not a big deal, he uses his tongue and she gets bored, so she says goodbye, takes the bus and never sees the guy again.

    But her curiosity has been satisfied.

    I warned you.

    sulz: hahahahaha… i really hope that’s not how your first time was/is going to be like. 😛

  5. Me and my girlfriend r barely starting 7th grade and ive NEVER kissed a girl. I no I kan but i want it 2 seem like outta nowher. i waz really just planning on putting my arm around her and wingin it from there. i get 2 c her in 9 days and i kant wate 2 kis her! Do i hav a good strategy? Or should i rethink?

    sulz: just go with the moment, that’s the best strategy. 🙂 don’t feel pressured into kissing on a certain date.

  6. ok im andrew but i just changed my name 2 sumthin better

  7. You’re too young to be kissin on girls.. I think that your mom would KILL YOU if she found out you were considering it, at the tender age of 12! Maybe you should do your chores instead. What if your friends see you, and then make fun of you? What if your mom is embarrassed by the fact that her little joy-bundle is gonna suck face?? Also, you told me about 20 times today alone, that she IS NOT your now you’re kissing chix, and lieing to mom AND ME (your dad)? Sheesh, whats the world coming to? Make war, not love–ok, maybe this instead: make cookies, and don’t suck face with your girlfriend till you’re 20, or 25.


    sulz: if you’re really the parents of the commenter above, i would think you’re a bit naive in thinking that your son won’t “suck face” until he’s 25… you don’t sound like a parent either. 😕

  8. sulz: Don’t be such a dumbass. I filter, and monitor my kids internet.. Found this in a browser history, and then learned what his plans were. Also, I don’t really give a fuck what you think about whether I’m a parent or not. I SHOWED the original poster (Andrew/Nighthawk) that I replied to him, and his mouth dropped..

    sulz: strange that if andrew is your kid and is theoretically using your computer at home that he would have a different ip address than yours. *shrugs* and if it’s really your kid please don’t make my place a domestic fighting zone. you’re calling me dumbass but i’m still kind enough to leave your comment here. no wonder your “kid” is doing things behind your back… a parent calling someone else a dumbass just because he doesn’t agree with her is just plain immature.

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