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What classic movie are you?

Considering have never entirely finished the book nor the movie, this is nice. Must go hunt for the book now.

What Classic Movie Are You?
personality tests by

You leh, what movie are you?

Comments on: "What classic movie are you?" (3)

  1. LMAO. I do not know if I should visit those sites anymore. The first site you posted told me I was a Jekyl and Hyde (probably true). This one today told me I was the movie Platoon. So I took the other test while I was there which told me as a leader I was Einstein. (LOL – I wish!) Though I do partially attempt to follow his advice on choosing clothes. Of course that test kind of conflicts with a test I took on another site that said I was the mad scientist Tessla. I guess it all goes back to that Jekyl and Hyde test, multiple personalities. I will probably start scaring myself when I look into the mirror. I guess I will go back to my kitchen and start mixing some more chemical. Hmm perhaps some black cherry soda mixed with some Pepsi. Yeah that sounds like something a good mad scientist with a split personality would create!

    sulz: all these little quizzes and tests are just pure mental marshmallows. but marshmallows are fun to eat, no? 🙂 it’s just cute to find out what celebrity or literary character or whatever miscallenous idea that we supposedly relate to.

  2. Apocalypse Now. Better go back to therapy ASAP!

    sulz: don’t waste your money on therapy; blogging is therapeutic and ego-boosting at the same time.

  3. Edseverripit said:

    Funny, I got the same result as Sulz; I never considered myself a romantic.

    sulz: well then, you must have a hidden romantic bone you don’t know about!

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