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What do you swear by?

1. Febreze
This odour and bacteria removal spray means don’t have to wash the nice outfits after each wear, which means clothes will last longer and at the same time won’t smell bad.

2. Going braless
Malaysian women are quite prudish and some actually wear their bras to bed! Ridiculous. Sometimes, would go braless for the day by wearing baggy t-shirts with noisy, colourful prints around the boob area. Nipples are still considered a huge faux pas here.

3. Kiwi fruit
It’s small, it’s quick to eat (don’t have to cut it in nice slices if you’re in a hurry, just cut the fruit in half and scoop it out like jelly), and it contains the daily dosage of vitamin C one needs for the day. Forget those vitamin C tablets.

4. Campbell’s soups
It’s not healthy to eat this every day, but it’s quick, it’s filling enough for a meal, and can eat the whole can and it’s only less then 250 calories! Which means can scrounge for some calorie-laden snack in the fridge without feeling much too guilty.

5. Earrings
Unless am in loafing, can’t-be-arsed-to-dress-up mode, cannot leave home without wearing earrings. They are the minimal accessory requirement. The bling-bling ones are self’s favourite, of course, but they can be bloody pricey. Among self’s favourites in the jewellery box are a pair of earrings shaped like angels (wings, skinny legs, skimpy skirt and all) and a pair of white hoops that look like they match self’s white head band exactly (except that they aren’t – Angel saw and pointed it out when we were shopping one day).

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  1. 6. Meditation.
    A moment of solitude to just ‘be’ in the present moment. Not the past. Not the future. In the now.

    sulz: you sure are in touch with your spiritual side. you probably do yoga too, huh? πŸ˜‰

  2. lovelyloey said:

    I can’t decide which one I dare NOT do the most; going bra-less or eating kiwi.

    sulz: what’s so scary about eating kiwi?! or going braless?! ❓

  3. Hmmm. Have done neither before. Wait. Have eaten kiwi once. And am totally averse to them.

    sulz: kiwi is lovely. never mind, we all have different tastes. but you can’t ever not go braless at least a few times in your life! am not asking you to be braless in public, even self haven’t tried that yet (going to the petrol station to get the paper braless does not count as public, by the way). as said, the trick is to wear t-shirts that have prints over the bust area so nipples are nonexistent.

    sound almost perverted, don’t self?

  4. lovelyloey said:

    HAHAHA. Sounds bordering on exhitbitionism methinks. Well. I don’t drive, so no petrol kiosk to speak of. I don’t think I can even walk around at home braless without my mother flipping. Hahaha.

    sulz: eh, how would your mom know if the nipples don’t show? then again, the people in self’s home aren’t exactly having 20/20 vision… oh, who’s talking about driving? (do drive though) am always walking to the petrol station near home to get paper and snacks and stuff… :P!

  5. Each time I stop to leave hugs (usually more than one), the thing tells me to slow down… like maybe wait a second or two between hugs. Rotfl, it never fails to amuse me.

    As for the question, in no particular order…

    1. Coffee – It’s not the caffeine either since I can drink it before bed and still fall asleep. I just like the taste and it’s sort of like a comfort food.

    2. Chocolate – There is no dessert that’s really dessert unless it’s got chocolate in it somewhere. I’m a chocolate snob though, if it’s not good (dark) chocolate, I can pass it up.

    3. The Internet – I don’t know how we functioned without it. I don’t read news anywhere else and I’ve met fabulous people!

    4. Faith – I’m sure all those “good” Christians out there must read my blog or my comments or whatnot, and think me a heathen who needs to be saved from myself. God/Jesus knows my heart though, and He knows all that matters.

    5. Anti-Frizz serum for hair – Long hair is impossible to keep straight and silky without it.

    sulz: you hug like a machine gun, except that you don’t go bam! bam! bam! you go hug! hug! hug! make love, not war, after all. πŸ˜‰

    am not a coffee person, mocha is nice though. yes, chocolate! am a total unsnobbish chocoholic, which explains the rather round shape am in now. and a big fat yes for the internet, it’s way more important to self than the handphone (cell phone). the fourth one can’t say anything because am still undecided in that department! and don’t remind self how bitterly regretful am of perming straight hair last year. sob

  6. How can you eat Campbell’s soup?? I usually find it so salty I can’t eat it!

    But I cannot leave home without :

    1 – my wristwatch – not dressed unless it’s on. As soon as I get home I take it off. But going out…I have to have it on.

    2 – my mobile phone

    3 – my Ipaq 6950 Pda

    4 – my handbag.

    5 – My Zen

    sulz: just add more hot water la. wow, lots of techie gadgets in your bag. used to need a watch, but not anymore since the handphone tells the time too.

  7. I don’t trust Febreeze… There is nothing like natural cleaning products…

    Do I have things I swear by ? Uhhh… Daily ? Uhhh…

    sulz: and what are natural cleaning products anyway? they’re all chemicals at the end of the day…

  8. […] Sat 3 Mar 2007 what do I swear by ? Posted by john under Comics , Creativity , Blogs , Art , Personal , Music  Β From Sulz’s post. […]

  9. lovelyloey said:

    …well. I don’t know. Let me list that down as one of the things I’ll have to try before I die (alongside doing crack and bungee jumping :P)

    sulz: you do that. it’s strangely liberating, you’ll find that out.

  10. Natural cleaning products:

    vinegar – use instead of windex on mirrors, glass tables, windows, cuts soap scum and hard water deposits, makes a good rinse for floors; add it to the washer if you need to remove soap scum or hard water deposits from a shower curtain, clean scale from a teapot or coffee maker with it

    baking soda – removes tarnish and rust, deoderizes, can scrub with it (burnt pots, etc.) cleans and freshens drains, softens water, makes laundry detergent go farther by softening the water, absorbs odors in the refrigerator,

    lemon juice – reacts with baking soda to clean pots, tarnish, rust, soap scum, grout

    salt – I use to scrub pots when food is stuck on, can use to soften water which makes the detergent go farther, salt or baking soda make good scrubbers if you have a stain on a countertop

    cinnamon bark – a cinnamon stick simmered in a pot of water makes the house smell nicer than chemical air fresheners, as does the rind of a lemon or orange once you’ve squeezed it for the juice… don’t just throw it out

    I don’t buy too many cleaners other than dish soap and laundry soap. I prefer the baking soda and even salt as a scrubber. Nothing like hanging stuff outside when you want them to smell fresh again… throw pillows, coats, throw rugs…

    It’s not that I’m all “environmental” or anything, I just actually prefer those things to cleaners..

    Sorry about the perm sulz. I’ve done that too so I sympathize. Guess I’ll have to click a couple more hugs for you for that.

    sulz: such a house proud individual! how would you cope if there’s a huge snowstorm and you’re stuck home and all those materials have been used up?

    as usual, you’re more generous than you claimed. πŸ™‚ hug back!

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