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Or rather, why does last semester always seem easier than this semester?

Despite last semester’s whopping 18 credits taken, have managed to scrape a respectable grade and not fail any paper when have braced to fail two. This semester, after that fiasco of a language class, am only taking 15 credits, yet it feels like there are many, many rough spots ahead.

1. Have 4 assignments due, and have not started on any of them.
2. Of the 6 classes am taking, have yet to really understand what 3 of them is all about.
3. 2 classes are really behind in schedule because of public holidays and cancelled classes. Approximately 10 classes (from all 6 subjects) are yet to be replaced.
4. A lecturer, because of her other work-related responsibilities, is unable to have classes during working hours weekdays, and have instead forced us to have classes on a weekday from 6 to 9pm! Because otherwise we would have to have classes on weekends. 6 to 9 pm! We’d practically be Masters students!


It’s ironic that some people are lamenting that schools are creating drones that only know their studies and nothing much else in life, that these students severely lack in general knowledge on current issues and have no personal pursuits. Then on the other hand we have some teachers and lecturers moaning about how students don’t go the extra mile and expect to be spoonfed because they’re too lazy/busy with the many activities in their lives. So the public basically thinks that students have no life except school and studies, and teachers pretty much think that students don’t do enough for their schoolwork because they’re so busy having a life.

And the term spoonfed really irks self because it’s so bloody vague. How far is spoonfed? Is asking a lecturer to explain what she expects in an assignment an example of wanting to be spoonfed, when she wants her students to look it up themselves in the libraries? But how can they bloody know what to look for if they haven’t even learn enough about the subject?

And the most insufferable part about all this vagueness? Is if a student who genuinely wants to be independent and does her own search for material for the assignment based on what little information the lecturer provides, does her assignment to the best of her ability and what little information she has been provided, only to learn from the lecturer that she has done it all wrong.

If you’re going to give so little as a lead, you have to bloody expect a wide variety and difference in our assignments. You can’t expect us all to think uniformly because you set no guidelines for us to follow. You are almost never in your room because of your other responsibilities, which we can’t blame you for, but if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, you have to suffer the indigestion and not blame the food.

Comments on: "Why is that grass always greener on the other side?" (3)

  1. That’s so true. I have some professors who hand back papers with some random letter thrown on it, and then they can’t explain WHY, even if you go in and ask. And then you hear some of them complaining about how students are getting lazier or something… what’s that about?

    sulz: exactly! they must have had similar tortures from their lecturers when were students and want to channel their revenge through their students now.

  2. nice new look… will surely miss the older one though…

    Went on a hiatus of one week… just to get things straightened out in life… not much luck though…

    Coming to the post, Things are always greener on the other side, dear friend… It’s almost a corollary of Murphy’s Law… Which I think is the basic rule by which the earth functions…

    Hang on in there… This too shall pass. 🙂


    sulz: hi nel! don’t worry when am sick of this will be trying out other themes; the best ones are always the neat, uncluttered white themes with big fonts. so you won’t be squinting so much in the near future. 😉

    murphy’s, schmurphy’s. bah, things just basically suck when they aren’t going smoothly.

    and while self wait for it to pass, shall moan and whine as a bitch does.

  3. Usually if the grass is greener on the other side, they are using a different grade of fertilizer.
    New classes new challenges. More experience, higher expectaions by others and yourself. Soemtimes life travels a smooth easy ride, other times it is like riding a bumpy chug hole filled road. Sometimes the less traveled difficult roads offer more space for manuvering by the student and the teacher. Sometimes the simple looking roads turn out to be the most difficult to manuever. No rhyme or reason. It just is. Life is like that.

    sulz: you’re right, but this need to whine is just too overwhelming, hence this post. 😛

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