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What did you eat today?

There is a foreign language festival at a local university. Went there with a friend for all the food demos. We had

1. Russian royal wheat pancakes (like egg rolls, yum)
2. Japanese sushi (self-made, so only had the rice, seaweed and tuna)
3. Spanish tapas (again self-made, and it’s a competition to make the most creative tapas at that. Self’s entry is an empty plate with crumbs, an artistic representation of a tapas so good that none is left. Yes, you can also say am too greedy to wait until after the competition to consume the tapas.)
4. Italian coffee and pizza (pizza was delicious despite being a simple tomato-based and cheese flavour, coffee was… well, coffee.)
5. Korean barbeque (it was spicy, and it stained self’s outfit because of all the dripping sauce. Excellent)

The best was the pizza, of course. The best dish that haven’t tasted before was the tapas.

It could have been better if the company wasn’t such that forced conversation became the staple.


It’s pretty humanising when you see a teacher who is so confident and self-assured in his or her own class, become meek and reserved just like any other person who stumbles upon a roomful of strangers.

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  1. …and i know that local uni is um, specifically, at the faculty of languages and linguistics. haha. right?

    sulz: yup. know a lecturer there who taught self at a language centre near home.

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