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It is five twenty in the morning and two other people besides self are awake. One has just woke up her usual time, one did not sleep the whole night cleaning up his room. The other family members have finally threatened blackmailed coerced Dee into cleaning up his room. The pest removal people are coming later in the morning today because termites are infesting the kitchen cabinets and Dee’s furniture in his workroom (snidely known as The Vortex by the family). Am not too sure if Dee is merely rearranging his rubbish or is really making effort into clearing junk. Whatever it is, at least he is showing some resemblance of effort, and Em is too cruel for beginning her usual bitter nag. It is too early in the morning to hear such negative words. Nobody is helping him clean up because if anyone does, he or she will end up secretly throwing a lot of what seems useless but it is supposedly very useful and meaningful to him, so he does not ask for any help. Did not plan to help him at all, but when saw the mountains of coins he has collected over the years, so started to count the coins and separate them into little plastic bags of RM10 so he can change them at the bank. Yesterday have counted up to RM550 of coins, all gathered in little plastics of RM10. That’s 55 little bags of coins. Counted stacks and stacks of coins while eating daily consumption of fruits and watching the idiot box yesterday, in between quarrelling with Dee about methods of collecting coins. After 2 classes in the morning, will rush back home so can help around while the termite people do their thing. Hang in there. (Not like anyone will admit they would like some help, so they can use the excuse of But I never asked you to help when things go wrong.)

Dee’s obsession of keeping things must stem from the fact that his house was burnt down during the May 13, 1969 incident. He had lost all his belongings – clothes, records, photos, everything. Perhaps that’s why he is desperate to have personal stashes of his own. Stashes like old newspaper clippings (actually, he doesn’t clip them, he just keeps the papers; it’s for the future when he has nothing to do after retirement), old tuna cans (for keeping coins, he likes having change), old bottle waters, old carton boxes, plastic bags, everything that he thinks may come useful later.

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