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This is addictive stuff. Could only manage to name 76, even though recognise almost every country in the list. What about you?

Comments on: "Can you name all the countries in the world?" (5)

  1. yesssssssssss..I can ..provided an atlas in hand 😉

    sulz: then that’s not playing the game properly! give it a go…

  2. I wish I was better at geography.

    Thanks for your comment on you choose bookmarks to match the book that you’re reading. I never thought about that.

    sulz: ah, it’s just for fun! geography was never self’s best subject, anyway.

    no problem, it’s nice to read a post about bookmarks for a change instead of the usual book posts.

  3. Aughhh… Only 71… Not easy when you have to translate in your mind… And they are mean to reject “China” 🙂

    sulz: ok you’ve a disadvantage there. and it’s actually republic of china, that’s why. 😦

  4. could get only 70 😦

    sulz: that’s not so bad! nobody has gotten over the 80 mark… yet.

  5. I got 127; I couldn’t type fast enough. And it’s “People’s Republic of China”; “Republic of China” stands for Taiwan.

    sulz: what?! so that’s why it won’t accept taiwan

    try practising your typing speed and see how much more could you get. 😛

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