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In one of self’s favourite author’s book, there was a line that struck self as being very true, even though people tend to value the other better. The line went something like this: the people who stay are just as good as the people who go.

So perhaps Ms Morose struck a nerve within self when she kept talking about how life right now is practically meaningless and that she can’t wait until she graduates and really get out into the world. Tried to reason with her; that a college student’s life is actually quite fun, despite the subjects that may not directly appeal to one’s interests, and that we would probably be wishing we were students again once we’re part of the workforce. Whatever silver lining was offering in defense of our lives, she would refute and just basically believe that anywhere else is better than Kuala Lumpur. Ms Morose basically had nothing but complaints about the life we are leading now. The only thing she likes about her current life is going to church. This is coming from the person who is receiving a fucking no-strings-attached scholarship.

Thought that was a rather one-dimensional and closed-minded way of looking at life. Of course, KL is not exactly as cosmopolitan or metropolitan than, say, New York, or London, or Paris, or Tokyo, or even Singapore, but don’t you think that if you’re mentally closed against this place just for the reason that you’ve pretty much experienced it, that you may be closing yourself to a lot of opportunities? Experiencing the world isn’t just limited to working overseas. Am trying to say that one should keep their options open; you never know if you might stumble upon something that you like in your own backyard. In self’s experience, had not for a couple of friends who wanted to join a language class, had not for self jumping in that bandwagon of two, may not have discovered an interest for said language, and would not have met that wonderful lecturer who has such passion and dedication to her students.

For all the ranting have done in this blog regarding school, am actually very grateful to be studying for a degree, because there are many who are not given or denied this opportunity. Despite some lousy lecturers, sometimes overwhelming homework, it still beats a working life. We’re in between the line of adulthood and childhood. We are adults, we are personally independent, and yet at the same time we are not expected to be financially independent or carry big family responsibilities. We can party and get drunk and play hooky for classes, and we would still be excused for living a student’s life. We have the best of both worlds. So to hear some people moaning about this life, as if there is absolutely nothing to be grateful or appreciative of, just drive self bonkers.

No better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than doing what we do best: bitching, of course.

That was extremely anti-female of self. Please excuse that. Really, Happy International Women’s Day.

Comments on: "Are you one who stays or one who goes?" (2)

  1. finally… someone’s found nirvana, where it’s supposed to be found… where you are… I congratulate you.

    sulz: what’s not to like about a college student’s life? that last bit sounds almost sardonic, if didn’t already know you aren’t… ?

  2. i love college life. i still am in college. it’s the best time to enjoy life. wasn’t being sardonic… rather i’m kinda envious you’re enjoying college as much as I wish I was… 🙂

    sulz: love college life, yes, but at times am very frustrated by it too… if you realise you should appreciate what you have now, it’s half the appreciation done. 🙂

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