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There could be a day when this blog would be found by people who know self in real life and would be questioned by them about the content. These people who might question would probably be the people whom self have had bitched very industriously here, and would naturally feel hurt and betrayed.

Is there a line that marks their privacy and self’s business?

Because on one hand, their involvements with self make it self’s business, and it is entirely self’s privilege to air self’s dirty laundry in public as such. On the other hand, they too have their right to not have their dirty laundry be aired in public.

This situation was experienced first-hand by self. Before got into blogging, stumbled upon a friend’s blog, who does not go by a pseudonym. He mentioned something that happened between us in his blog – it was not intended to offend. But the people who commented on the post were people who knew self in a not-so-nice way. They commented on self’s low self-esteem and questioned self’s salvation (was a church-goer once).

It fucking hurt to see self being dissected like some piece of character in a book who has no say for herself. Could have said something in defense of self, but was so angry and betrayed and hurt that they were talking about self behind self’s back and thinking that they are such fucking hypocrites for talking bad about self in such a public place, and self’s name was not protected and everything, that instead of hitting back directly at them, vented self’s frustrations by writing a piece of self’s mind for the newspaper questioning the blogger’s right to reveal parts of their lives that may offend the people involved. Bloggers replied to refute self’s opinion and snidely questioned if self have been slagged off, hence the bitter tirade. That’s not the fucking point, is it?

And now self am doing what self have felt so hurt for.

It has always been self’s belief that talking behind people’s back is entirely alright if the person never knows about it. And if by bad luck they do, then you have to face the music. It’s one experience that can leave you feeling pretty fucked up.

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  1. Kalyani said:

    Happened with me too once. Had talked about some negative points of a teacher (otherwise my favourite one, incidentally), who found out my blog… and dropped a comment on a different post. Then I wrote a mail to him, to which he replied so politely and everything.
    Worse, I had even mentioned what a friend said to me once, getting her into a nice fix.

    sulz: that’s why am casually lying through self’s teeth and reply in the negative whenever friends ask if self have a blog. and their reply? “oh, you should have a blog! you write so well, your english is so good, and you love reading!” … you have to excuse their stereotypical minds.

  2. i’m always scared that people i know will read my blog… but i HAVE to write what I feel about things that happen in my life! that’s the only way I’ll forget and maybe forgive any hurt i have.

    People have opinions. it’s their own right so to do. if someone’s insulted you, you can only request them to edit it if they can… but we don’t live in an utopia, where things happen as you need it or want it to happen, is it…?

    sulz: exactly self’s sentiments! it’s here will write about stuff that anger and hurt self, so that can release these emotions and move on. yet it is these words penned here that can hurt them if they ever come across here.

  3. lovelyloey said:

    If something so unfortunate happened to me, I’d comment a tirade on that blog. Like give them a piece of my mind and insult them till they’re worthless.
    Then again I might continue reading the blog anonymously, and subsequently plot real-life revenge. Oh well.

    sulz: you would, but chance is that the person might probably delete that comment too… that’s what am doing now, reading it anonymously. am not angry at the blogger anymore, but would never ever want to communicate with him and the people who commented about self every again.

  4. Tough. What you think is funny or witty maybe interpretted as cruel or sarcastic.

    Can you lie through it? Would you want to?

    Agree with nelsonnium on “People have opinions. it’s their own right so to do.” They have their opinions, you have yours. 😉

    I wished I could guarantee that I would admit I had blogged what I blogged – if I were found out.

    sulz: lie about what? if about the fact if self own a blog, a definite yes. if to deny if this blog is self’s, probably not because if the person knows self in real life, he or she would probably recognise a lot of things mentioned here, especially school stuff.

    you’re honest, at least you don’t try to preach honesty is the best policy and all, when in truth most who preach that do not mean what they say and would probably not do it themselves. but would say you have a stronger chance if being found out, mean, look at your avatar… 😉

  5. The truth is that everything, unless you specify otherwise, is fair game for a blog. On a blog you can blog, rant or share anything and everything.
    Unfortunately there seems to be n o line drawn unless you draw it and you can only draw the line on your own blog.

    So, if a blogger says something about you you don’t like, you can comment your side of the story on their blog. And they can delete it. You can of course, put your side of the story on your own blog… and hope that the readers come over and read it… but they might not – and you might have aired dirty laundry unncessarily 🙂

    I am amazed that people don’t think more about the fact that anyone you know can discover your blog. Doesn’t mean they will. But it really isn’t hard. Keep this in mind and blog accordlingly.

    sulz: that’s why a lot of people mentioned here have been given silly pesudonyms by self, and the stories altered a bit as well, though it would still be recognisable by people who know self in real life, possibly. then again, am not exactly miss popular, so hopefully that works for self instead of against. and the fact am constantly denying having a blog might throw them off the scent. but am still living in muted fear of being discovered one day.

  6. Haha. You are right about my avatar. I’ve quit worrying about who finding out what I blog. :p

    sulz: good for you, though you have to self-censor lots of private stuff in your life if the content can offend… or if you don’t care if you offend so you don’t care for self-censorship.

  7. Well, people say that you do have to be careful about blogging and such, but I’m so open when it comes to ranting. So yes.

    sulz: would you remain so open with ranting if others were ranting about you? what do you mean by so yes?

  8. LOL. I’ve changed my avatar, just to be safe. As much as I’m TRYING (the operative word) not to think about what I write that offend people who know me personally, whenever I think if someone bitched about me in the same way, I would probably get hurt/angry.

    So, I better blog on happy, good stuff..

    sulz: a big nod to your changing of avatar, but honestly, bitching can be quite cathartic even if it hurt the people bitched. you can compromise by password-protecting your posts. but it’ll be just boring if only you can read it… 😛

  9. […] in the past, and so I shall move on to present friendships. Some time ago, I wrote a post about what would happen if my blog was found out by people who know me in real life. Well, that has happened now. I wrote that post because I had a feeling that someone I know […]

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