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How stupid are you?


– 6 tests (5 written, 1 oral) to sit for
– 3 presentations (thankfully am not presenting) to prepare for
– 3 papers to write for

all of which have literally not begin any preparations for.

All due to happen or passed up within these 3 weeks.


How does one divorce Mr. Procrastination?

Before you ask how stupid am self, here’s one quiz which apparently gauges self’s stupidity. says I'm 37% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

Comments on: "How stupid are you?" (3)

  1. Please, let me know how managed to divorce Mr Procrastinator! I’m trying to find a good reason too!

    sulz: haha, am failing miserably so far. the damn arsehole refuse to sign the papers.

  2. so much for being just 4% stupid… Mr Procrastinator still wins… I think it’s time to ask Mr Willpower, Mr Common Sense & Mr Hard Work to help me out…

    sulz: nobody escapes the will of procrastination, just like cellulite!

  3. LMAO 94% scored stupider/higher than me. Hmmm despite getting another pic of Albert – somehow I still do not feel Einstein like.

    sulz: so what’s your score exactly? another pic of albert?

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