blogging gobbledygook and such

A book promised to self!

Just for being a Blog Party Door Prize winner!

So happy to receive nice, brand-new book!

Thanks a million Rebecca Luella Miller!

Why are people in the blogosphere all giving self gifts?

Feel so bloggifically blessed! πŸ˜€


Rant: Some people have absolutely no sense of fucking manners! Was using the computer in the college lab when suddenly the monitor went black. Some stupid bitch was accidentally fiddling with the wires in self’s computer because she wanted to help her friend who’s using the computer in front of self’s one to plug into the printer. Thought all information was gone when the screen went black, so naturally went What the hell? Why are you fiddling with my computer? Why are you fiddling with it if you don’t know what to do and inconveniencing (grammatical accuracy goes right out the window when in bitchfit) others? If you want to use the comp, all you had to do was ask! Don’t even get an apology! Arseholes! When she finally plugged the cable into the right hole and the monitor came back to life, then did self realise that what she accidentally took out was the monitor plug, so wasn’t as bad as self thought. She was still fiddling with the wires, so told her It’s back up. You don’t have to fix it anymore. Then she gave self the evil eye.

Like fuck, first you fiddle with self’s computer, then when offer a reconciliatory remark, you give the evil eye like have not the right to be angry for having self’s computer disturbed in the first place! Damn right for labelling you an arsehole in the first place!

That’s the general Malaysian for you. If she thinks what self did was uncalled for, she should’ve spoken up. Instead, all she gave was the evil eye, while self basically announced to the whole computer lab that she’s an arsehole. The point here isn’t about who’s right or wrong, the point is she was angry but she didn’t speak up.

Would’ve relish the bitchfight…

Edit: she came up to self and apologised before leaving the comp lab. Apologised to her too for overreacting.

Err… all’s well that end’s well!

Comments on: "What did you receive in the post today?" (5)

  1. I’d have very, very seriously warned her that plugging and unplugging from a live computer like that, she could get HURT. And I’d have let her wonder whether it was the computer or me who’d have done the hurting. This is Miss Manners approved, by the way.

    But I suppose it worked out okay without the threat of violence. Don’t you hate that?

    sulz: that would’ve been a better lesson taught for her if she got hurt by her own stupidity than self’s diatribe.

    serve self up a big plate of peace, with a side order of bitchfest.

  2. πŸ™‚ well at least she came back and apologized. Some don’t even do that.

    sulz: yea, but as you can tell, was in a pretty foul mood and needed to bitch anyhow, so even if she didn’t apologise, at least she gave something to blog about!

  3. Usually I never participate in fights, I just sit back and watch the outcomes, not caring which side wins because I take neither.

  4. yeah I know you needed to rant, and you did get a post out of it. πŸ™‚ maybe I should go get annoyed so i can have something to blog about.

    sulz: you should, it’s very emotionally purging. emo is good.

  5. πŸ™‚

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