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It is the last week of another semester. That’s four semesters gone, and two to go.

Do not want college life to end!

Am always wondering, whether interally pondering or voicing thoughts out loud, why classmates are so eager to graduate. Why they can’t wait to get out “into the world.” Isn’t college part of this world too?

Then again, can’t blame them for their sentiments, especially when one looks at self’s college situation without rose-tinted glasses. Sure, a student’s life is incomparable, but there is also the dark side to it.

One aspect of college life will definitely not look back fondly in years to come is the power struggle, politics, bitching, backstabbing and betrayal that happens when one has a class of 90% girls.

Our class has always been, and still is, touted as one of the noisiest, most spirited, most vocal, and most colourful in comparison to our seniors. Almost every lecturer who taught us would say they had been warned by their colleagues who had formerly taught us about our boisterous nature.

However, there are one or two lecturers who didn’t enjoy us. One was Ms E, who was so upset by the nasty display of competitive spirit between the better performers of the class that she had to hold an intervention. With that, though, the entire class warmed up to her in more ways than any teacher can expect; how could she not be touched by our studently love?

Another is this semester’s Proficiency lecturer. She admitted that she enjoys teaching her TESL students more than she does us. She felt that we don’t take grammar seriously, which is true for many of us, but not self. It is something that is very unfortunate for us, because she is a fantastic lecturer, professional, considerate and understanding. If not for her revealing this to a classmate, would have never realised that she did not enjoy us because she never made that apparent, not even a hint.

Self have learnt:

1. one foreign language.
2. that the person who try to make up with self for past conflicts is as fake and insincere as self knew she was, so don’t ever forget that.
3. that preservation of self-respect is more important than it being served for abuse by a lecturer for the sake of a class.

It is a semester that is somewhat uneventful compared to the previous. It fills self with wistfulness and a lot of regret, for the way things turn out between some classmates and self. And a lot of resentment at her, too, for the way she subliminally imposes her authority over classmates, and for self unconsciously allowing her to do the same to self.

Politics suck. Why should self register as a voter?

Edit: just have to post this for posterity. Had the nicest Italian lunch with classmates for our final class of the semester today. Extremely Accomplished Italian Lecturer made torta salata and pasta al forno, so that is authentic Italian food. Classmate brought mom-made lasagna, and that is really good too. Self brought a slice each of store-bought sugar-free chocolate cake and cheese cake. There’s no way chocolate is sugar-free; the shop that sells it is blatantly lying – it’s so good!

Ummffff. Am stuffed.

Comments on: "What have you learnt this semester?" (2)

  1. you should register to have a say in what goes on around you.

    sulz: haha, that was sort of a rhetorical question. voting seems futile because feel like one vote isn’t going to make a difference. that’s partly right, and partly wrong too.

  2. yeah, one vote counts cause they all add up.

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