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Who doesn’t like watching movies? Even bookworms like self enjoy the occasional moment where they can visualise without using their mind’s eye.

Since am a fan of young-adult fiction and children’s storybooks, perhaps it’s no surprise that really adore watching teen movies. Grease, High School Musical, She’s All That, Never Been Kissed, American Pie… you name it, would love it, no matter how cheesy, how lame, how gross. The most recent teen movie have watched is Notte Prima Degli Esami, and that is one pretty good movie, even if it is in Italian… no, because it is is in Italian! (Despite the fact that the lead character looks the spitting image of Jai Rodriguez of Queer Eye, so it certainly distracted self from the movie with the occasional gay thoughts.)

Self’s all-time favourite movies are Before Sunrise, The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, Down with Love and Forrest Gump. That said, one can’t exactly watch this over and over again in a short space of time because it would lose its magic. Particularly Lord of the Rings; it’s a fantastic movie, but the hardship and struggle of good against evil is something quite depressing to watch when one wants to relax and be entertained.

Am also acquiring a penchant for European movies. Even better if they’re about children or teenagers.

This post is for engtech’s contest again. Must win t-shirt this time!

Comments on: "What’s your secret indulgent movie?" (11)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    My secret indulgent movie, one that I take out the VCD to watch time and again would be …. October Sky. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal when he was still 19. And also Love Actually when I just need to weep cos it’s sho schweet. Heh.

    sulz: haven’t watch both movies but jake gyllenhaal is smokin’ hot, even in brokeback mountain.

  2. Love LOTR, HP, Pirates πŸ˜€

    When I was younger, I loved She’s all That and more but forgot. No longer sweet 16, me.

    sulz: so am self, that’s why it’s self’s secret indulgent movie!

  3. I love grease! I was like 10 when my mum introduced me to it, my deepest darkest secret…I *heart* musicals! πŸ™‚

    sulz: musicals are nice, but grease is special for self for the teenage factor, just like high school musical.

  4. yeah… grease is s musical in it’s own special category… that’s how come it’s made it through the generations, and will continue to.

  5. Let’s see. Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell (both the first and Innocence), Star Wars saga, Clerks, Donnie Darko, Memento and One Hour Photo πŸ™‚

    sulz: oh, typical guy flicks! watched donnie darko purely for jake gyllenhaal, did not really get the movie actually. the theme song was fantastic though.

  6. There are lots of movies I like to watch over and over again. But secret indulgences that hints at something more cult classic like. There is no doubt as to what my favorite cult classic movies are, in fact I mentioned some of them early n my blog. But two movies I indulge myself with when I am just looking for a good belly laugh are “Used Cars” and “Amazon Women on the Moon”.

    sulz: never heard of both, but will check them out if ever come across them.

    currently am a bit nuts over the devil wears prada, it’s that considered cult enough? πŸ˜›

  7. “Endless Summer”. It’s nothing but an hour and a half of half-naked, wet men in beautiful tropical locales. It’s like taking your brain out and soaking it in a daiquiri.

    No idea why I like it so much.

    sulz: hey, that sounds so much like, what’s that called again? starts with p, rhymes with torn…

  8. Also, “Satan’s School for Girls”. I’m dating myself with that Seventies classic, but I spent many a slumber party watching it after midnight.

    sulz: sounds like a teen movie gone very wrong… and if it is, wouldn’t mind watching it!

  9. LOL, I do not know if The Devil Wears Prada would classify as a cult classic. Most (but not all) cult classics are movies that have been around for a while, were low budget and lacked popularity with critics and normal moviegoers. They are movies that have developed a following of fans that just cannot get enough of the movie. I think β€œThe Devil Wears Prada” is really too new to be a cult anything. Some examples of Cult Classics would be Used Cars (Kurt Russell as the stereotypical devious used car salesmen), Being There (in my mind Peter Sellers greatest movie, where he plays a simpleton gardener), Dr. Starngelove (Peter Sellers in one of the all time classic cult movies, a comedy about nuclear war), Kentucky Fried Movie (similar to Amazon Women on the Moon), Blade Runner (another one of my favorites) definitely qualifies, the Mad Max trilogy, Heathers (I loved this dark comedy about murdering popular asshole high school students), Body Double (kind of a murder mystery with a touch of soft-core porn starring Craig Wasson as an out of luck actor and Melanie Griffith stars as a porn star), Dr. Caligari (a strange soft core porn movie), Tin Men (Danny Devito and Richard Dreyfuss as 1960’s aluminum siding salesmen who are more con artists than salesmen), Thief (a drama starring James Caan as a hard nosed thief) etc.. I have included a couple of links you may find helpful if you have never visited the sites. The first is a link to a list of some Cult Classic Movies. The second is to IMDB, an Internet movie site where people can read and leave their own movie reviews. It is a great place to check out movie facts, fallacies and great movie quotes. If you have never visited the site, it is site that I often recommend to people to find out about movies without having to only put up with stuffy movie critic opinions.

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    sulz: was kidding about it being a cult movie! though fashionistas might disagree with you on that… thanks for the little lesson in cult movies. whenever i want to read something about a movie, usually wiki it. πŸ˜› spoilers mostly don’t bother self.

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