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Most companies have four basic archetypes among their staff: the competent jerk, the lovable fool, the lovable star and the incompetent jerk.

The competent jerk is someone who knows a lot but is very unpleasant to deal with. The lovable fool does not know much but is a delight to have around, the lovable star is both smart and likeable, and the incompetent jerk, well, that is self-explanatory.

So says authors Tiziana Casciaro, an assistang professor of Organisational Behaviours at Havard [sic] Business School, and Miguel Sousa Lobo, an assistant professor of Decision Sciences at Duke University’s Fuqua School of BUsiness in Durham, North Carolina.

Source: ST/ANN
Taken from The Star 10 April 2007, Metro Classifieds section

The article goes on to say that most people actually prefer the lovable fool over the competent jerk because “personal feelings played a more important role in forming job-oriented friendships, even more important than evaluations of competence.”

Obviously these archetypes not only applies to the workplace, but also in schools and among classmates. Depending on the subjects, can vary between all four of these archetypes, but am mostly a cross between the competent jerk and the lovable fool.

The Lovable Fool may be a better player than the Competent Jerk, but sooner or late s/he will turn into Unlovable Fool because how much ineptitude can you take from one person, no matter how lovable? So, the Competent Jerk gets a place in self’s team over the Lovable Fool, because if you get the competent one, you can have the luxury of being incompetent. 😛 If s/he’s going to be a jerk about being competent, s/he should also have the privilege of having a good reason to be a jerk (even though s/he doesn’t need one)! Thank goodness the classmates usually choose for group assignments are relatively competent and bearable, if not lovable.


Here’s something for you to chuckle on.

The Real Reason Aliens Won't Contact Us

Have no clue what drm is; the word uncivilized just set self off laughing.

Comments on: "Competent Jerk or Lovable Fool?" (6)

  1. LMAO, being called a jerk is something that I am very familiar with. I have probably been called all those terms at one point or another in my life. But the jerk part is a constant almost to the point it could be used as a noun when ex-bosses talk about me.

    On a side not; the words of the days you see posted on blogs always bring me amusement. Some words are everyday usage. Other words you have occasionally heard and understand their usage. Then you run into the unusual like today’s word “flinders”. Flinders is a word I have never heard or can remember reading until today. It is evidently fairly obscure as it shows up as a misspelled word as I type this. It does show up in Microsoft Word as spelled correctly, but the thesaurus offers no alternatives. And the way the word is used in the example sentence “the bullet blew the glass bottle into flinders” feels uncomfortable. In my region of the US we would probably say “the bullet shattered the glass bottle” or “the bullet shattered the bottle to smithereens” or “the bullet blew up the bottle and it exploded”. (Actually we would probably not even use the word “glass” in any of the sentences as most people would assume the word in conjunction with the use of bottle. On the other hand if the bottle had been plastic we probably would say “plastic bottle”, LOL, such are the nuances of language from culture to culture and even within a culture.) Lmao, but flinders sounds like it should be a flat fish broiled in white wine and served with potatoes and a vegetable.

    sulz: am sure have been or being called worse things than a jerk, and perhaps am one sometimes. think that competent jerks are called as such is simply because they have not so good communicative and interpersonal skills, which mean what they want or think should be done is presented in a rather unpleasant manner, hence the bestowing of the adjective jerk.

    glad you enjoyed word of the day! 🙂

  2. The competent jerk is someone who knows a lot but is very unpleasant to deal with. The lovable fool does not know much but is a delight to have around, the lovable star is both smart and likeable, and the incompetent jerk, well, that is self-explanatory.

    I’ve been a competent jerk, and unfortunately as the source noted, the lovable jerk is more loved… Funny but true. And I hated it until the same people realised that the loveable fool was also an incompetent jerk. Sweet!

    sulz: lovable jerk… is that a freudian slip? 😉 lovable fool turns incompetent jerk… yeap, that’s how am feeling about them, hence the reason to choose competent jerks.

    nice to hear from you, after sooo long… poor schizo and his internship.

  3. I think DRM means Digital Rights Management… I wish that made sense to me.

    sulz: same here. but it’s funny! uncivilized… we are, sometimes, aren’t we? 😉

  4. that was very interesting! as a employer I honestly have to say that loveable fools for employees simply make me nuts 🙂 much prefer a competent jerk.

    sulz: of course you would as an employer! but your employees wouldn’t… 😉

  5. […] 12th, 2007 Sulz, over at Bloggerdygook, has a post explaining four types of people. I found it interesting, picked out which one I thought I was.. and then wondered if other people […]

  6. DRM is Direct Response Marketing. You know… the mail that companies pay to send you so you can open it while standing above the trash bin. lol

    sulz: ooh, thanks for clearing that up. haha, now the comic’s even funnier!

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