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Curse who?

Curse ye who write confounded journal articles and torture the simple minds of the student readers
Curse ye the lecturer who chose such unintelligible journal articles to be forced to ye students to read and do a literature review
Curse ye the mind of the lecturer who plucked out the magic number 5, which is the cursed amount of literature reviews to be done on equal amount of journal articles
Curse ye the ridiculousness of the lecturer who expects ye students to do all that amount of work for a mere 10% of the entire course
Curse ye the inept lecturer who cannot commit to ye responsibilities as one and expect ye students to enthusiastic and committed to a subject as bleeding wretched, vile, foul as discourse analysis



Discourse analysis – like literature, except it’s 10x more boring and 100x more difficult

Comments on: "Curse who?" (4)

  1. school is like that sometimes.

    sulz: yeap, so that’s why need to rant every now and then!

  2. ouch. you hurt my ego. pss. i’m a discourse analyst btw

    sulz: am aware of that. this post is specially for you. 😛 actually you’re like damn smart to specialise in this field; for the life of self just can’t get it! then again, the lecturer was pretty lousy, so… *shrugs*

  3. lovelyloey said:

    Fortunately for me, am not taking CDA this semester. Friend of mine took it last sem and warned me against it. Tsk. That bad huh.

    sulz: well, it was a lot of factors that went into my extreme dislike for it. i actually think i’d have liked it if the lecturer chose less political texts and more relatable texts to the class, like analysing language in advertising, or magazines, or movies. but da and cda is centred around politics…

  4. and curse wordpress, for eating your comments on runningthroughrain. It went poof; can you re-do it?

    sulz: what happened? it’s rather inconsequential, really. 😛 go see yourself.

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